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Dance performance artist, teacher, yogini, and healer with a playful approach to African dance that allows everyone to find their authentic voice.

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Please join RHYTHM RAVE for this incredible drumming weekend-- Or Individual Playshops! I'll be offering AFRICAN DANCE Saturday afternoon~

We circle 'round the stupa under the baobab --together For we are each other's keeper Celebratin' the abundance Transformin' the rage Toleratin' the pleasure REGISTRATION is open for the next African healing dance Training module and Intensive beginning January 6!

Carson Beach

Loves thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday! Carson beach class last Sunday. —fabulous drumming with Sory Diabate took us home.

Fall theme--Sex, Depth, and Aging Coming up soon-- Session begins Sept 2! (Intensive Sept 2-8) Register Today email for details: "This training has been a game-changer. It has helped me get to the "how" and the "heart" of the matter. " Tramaine Alexander " The Better Health Regimen"

IF RAIN--Class will be held at UU Church 28 Mugford St., Marblehead

What are the practices that sustain you? Join us in the Fall healing dance training~ "This dance heals and frees my spirit.. "  Tramaine Alexander

Due to the Weather, this event has been cancelled.

African healing dance Mothers are fierce lovers of life!

May Madness! :) (in my front yard)

Healing Dancers next training begins Sunday, May 6! Come to play… dance… flip the script—tolerate the pleasure! Work-study available

full moon blessings 🌕 Time to step out on faith! Strength.. Courage.. and Wisdom

WORK-STUDY EXCHANGE AVAILABLE email for more info. :)

here comes the Sun ☀️ Come learn indigenous healing practices combining dance, words of wisdom ...and slowed down revelations

Come Jump at 'da sun! New African healing dance Training begins May 6th. To register, email

Hope to see you at the next ✨Love Supreme✨African healing dance Training! Training begins May 6th. Early registration discounts!

Transform your journey Flip the script...

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