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Andrzej Woronowski

Full time engineer and hobbyist knifemaker from Poland. Doing stuff with my brother @steelstigma Currently available works: @polishcustomknives

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@grzegorzwojcik777 and his collection of Ti badlands finish gear😎 is the newest thing, but he has a Pingo so he started it long time ago😁 Thank you!🍻 • • • • • • No need to introduce. It's great to have world class maker in your country. Thank you @woro_knives

Another special project which will be available this week. I pretty proud of it as it was designed by my brother Kil @steelstigma👍 Don't even ask how that dragon skin was made🙈 We called it "Dragon Slayer"😁🐉

Who watched End Game?😎 I decided to watch it before finishing this set and look for inspiration😅 Then I didn't have time but I have finally found it today and made the finish. In the picture there are tools which I use to make the scratches. File and Ti rod. This one has no logo🙉 It was made from the lonely scales I found in the workshop. Hope you like it👊

is back! This time a thicker 3mm version. Will be available next week in @polishcustomknives I made only this 4 pieces so if you will be interested in these I would need to make more🙄

I will leave it here for a better comparison with previous post. Great example of how Titanium finish changes when carried in a pocket with keys and stuff for a long long time. and are more often in my pocket than so almost nothing left from original dark finish. With special dedication to Nick @sharp_elegance 😁👊

Here is a shot of my personal scales when it was made two years ago😶 It doesn't look so good anymore after spending so much time in my pocket... I think it is a good time to refresh it and anodized to some other color🤔 Any suggestions? The blue anodization is also a refresh of previous, different finish😁

...and here comes Nick @sharp_elegance with his badass photos. Let's just stand here and watch😲 Thank you my friend🙏 • • • • • • Eyes on the master of great design and craftsmanship! Thx Andrzej @woro_knives for the next gorgeous piece of brass, the Woro-coin. Best edc item ever I don't need but definitely wanted to have 😁 . Times are kind of crazy around me at the moment, so I'm just more than happy to have good moments with great stuff and great people here! Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks 👊🏼💜🍻 .

This month will back! Stronger and thicker💪 (In the picture there is an old version 😅) I really happy that some of you still remember them and are asking for it🙂 I like this simple design. I attached to one like this everyday for more than 15 months already😅

Check my Story nad decide what I should make in next series of Titanium, Brass and Copper 58mm scales!!! So far Star Wars and Marvel are winning😎👌 New sets will be available next month🙂 and here is a sneak peek of what is already in production...

Beautiful shot of 58mm SAK with my Anchor copper scales by Milosz @pagani_sak 👍🙂🤝 check his post for more pictures👌 ・・・ Rambler with great patina🔥 58mm scales from @woro_knives 🔪 😈

All scales inspired by Metro2033 universum by @glukhovsky are gone🔥 Thank you! 🙏 I really happy that some of you found it interesting. It will encourage me to make scales inspired by other books, movies, ges I like😁 Thanks Maciej @polishcustomknives 👊 _____________

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