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World Wildlife Fund

Our planet faces many big conservation challenges. No one person or organization can tackle these challenges alone, but together we can. WWF-US

Environmental Conservation Organization

1250 24th St NW Washington, District of Columbia

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Coral reefs are home to an astounding array of life. Though their unique structures cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, they support more than a quarter of all marine life. But coral reefs are in danger. By the end of this century, most of the world’s reefs could experience severe bleaching and death as our climate changes and our ocean warm. Follow the link in our bio to learn more about coral reefs.

In a major win for people and wildlife, the Zambian government has halted plans to construct a mega hydropower dam across the Luangwa river. This decision will safeguard the diverse benefits the river provides to people and nature. A recent WWF study revealed that just one-third of the world’s longest rivers remain free-flowing, primarily due to fragmentation by dams. And reduced connectivity is one of the major factors behind the 83% decline in freshwater species populations since 1970. The Luangwa river is one of the longest free-flowing rivers in southern Africa and is a lifeline for communities and two of the most iconic national parks on the continent. We’re so thankful to the nearly 200,000 WWF supporters who took action and helped make this possible. Click the link in our bio to learn more.

Great news! More than 32,000 acres of the Mura River and its crucial floodplains in Austria have a new label: biosphere reserve. This pristine wilderness has earned the moniker “the Amazon of Europe” because of its natural beauty and abundance of life. UNESCO gave the river this special designation that means the landscape can help promote solutions that conserve wildlife and ensure that use of the area is done in harmony with nature. Thanks to the 53,000 WWF Activists who spoke up to protect the Mura River last year! @wwf_act

Found in Africa and Asia, elephants are vital to maintaining the biodiversity of the areas they live. Elephants are either left- or right-tusked, and the dominant tusk is generally smaller because of wear and tear from frequent use. Follow the link in our bio to learn more about these incredible animals.

It’s ! Rain forests are some of the most biodiverse places on Earth, home to more than half of all the world’s documented plant and animal species. WWF works to protect rain forests around the world.

🦒World Giraffe Day🦒

Don’t miss this chance to paddle for our planet. Follow @pandapaddle to learn more about and how you can support WWF's conservation efforts around the world.

Bristol Bay is the most productive salmon ecosystem in North America. All five species of Pacific salmon spawn and rear in the area which supports wildlife like bears and eagles, as well as rich local cultures and a robust industry. Bristol Bay is also home to the largest sockeye salmon run in the world which provides nearly 20,000 jobs throughout the United States annually. Bristol Bay is a national jewel which we must protect. Click the link in our bio to take action now.

Whether you like sharks or not, our oceans would look very different without them. 🦈🌏  @ourplanet

While penguins can’t fly, they are expert swimmers! This is because instead of wings, penguins have flippers that can propel their streamlined bodies through the water.

Happy ! Did you know sea turtles have roamed the Earth’s oceans for the last 110 million years?

Last year we hosted the inaugural – a one-of-a-kind standup paddle board event making a huge difference for our planet. By participating, you'll have the opportunity to join other nature-lovers on the water and raise money to protect the oceans, rivers, animals, and wild places you love. Learn more and find out about new events by following @PandaPaddle.

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