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Best man and bride prank groom with epic 'First Look' dress swapπŸ˜‚ Tag your sweetheart & friends who need to see these photosπŸ˜‰ β € Congratulations to @laurenluyendyk & @ariejr πŸ“Έ by @nvmauimedia β € β € β € β € Β 

We continue to admire trends from @eventcafe and @comilfodecor β € We want to present weddings in the style of art, as a masterpiece. The choice of real experimenters, where the bride is as the main art object, around which the whole special and unique story is told. Three trends: Black Wedding, Glossy Wedding and Imperfect 90s Wedding. β € Black Wedding? Stylish and elegant, something that will never go out of style. What about brilliance in opera? The use of precious stones and dazzling rhinestones in dress and decor will add a bright atmosphere to the wedding. What do you think about the brave 90s in the Soviet cinema house? New interpretation of an old aesthetics in simple forms. β € Brides, are you ready for such experiments? β € Idea, concept, organization @eventcafe Set Designe @comilfodecor Floristry @comilfoflowers Photographer @pashkovich Look of the bride @conceptbride MUAH Brides @kovalevaaaa @s_a_m_a_n_th_aΒ  @natiavdieieva β €

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