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Climbing rope in the garage with kit S U X

Last (4) Hodge Mod 2 barrels in 14.5” for a bit. Might have some contract overrun barrels sooner, but we’re thinking fall for the 12.5s, winter for the next run of 14.5s

“fun allowed” patches are in!

My old beat the RC1, and a homie’s fresh RC2

The civilian legal MAWL C1+ is fully backed and supported by an American photonics company with a history of superbly durable lasers (IZLID, GLARE) and their individual weapon laser, the MAWL once again exceeds expectations by utilizing premium materials, design, and engineering. Available from us, and other fine retailers of premium components around the country including @tnvc_inc @optactical @opdsource @modarmory @nsdefense and others!

Last week to get our Spring 2019 “Sakura” apparel available in V and Crew neck shirts! We also made Racerback shirts for the ladies (pictured). Folks who dig classic anime are gonna LOVE what we got coming on and the summer apparel and we got will be dropping Friday! Modes: Alice and Eva

Best way to own the night: powerful light, with potted electronics, cutting edge LED and battery tech! We’ve got @modlitesystems PLH (general use and reflector desists) and OKW (super high “candella” aka throw) versions in stock!

You don’t “need” a MAWL to be effective with NODs, have learned many tips and tricks from clever folks about how to setup weapons to work with less inspired laser designs over the years. It’s just that with an intelligently designed, fully integrated, ergonomically designed, always aligned illuminator and laser system, you don’t have to use ole sarge’s bag of black magic field tricks Edit: forgot! This is an advertisement for the fact we got black MAWLs in stock, tan ones coming in tomm

Knights resupply came in!

Who else signed up for US domestic HK416 barrels being produced by Marvin Pitts/Nefarious Arms? Got mine to replace the AG date code HK barrel I got! Probably won’t be using the GKH super steel made by French foundry Aubert & Duval like the original, but it will be cold hammer forged and chrome lined! I think the HK416 is a remarkably overrated and heavy system... but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t trust my teutonic blaster. I love how the Germans put the piston in the wrong spot... then engaged superior engineering to overcome that flaw. The cam path on the aluminum upper now has to deal with wear from incorrect timing and forces. They added a ramp for the cam pin. The Colt 6940 piston variant straight up went with a steel insert. The Bolt experiences a LOT more force thanks to the harsh extraction and incorrect timing of a short system and compact cam track: they made the bolt 2-300% stronger (about 10X more expensive). The violent operating forces are enough to bend the firing pin retaining pin, esp since they added mass and a firing pin safety: the H&K firing pin safety pin is the most impressive cotter pin I have ever see. (1200% cost of the USGI variant). All in all it’s super German. Fucking beautiful, but needlessly over engineered. Love mine, not for sale.


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