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Design and custom knifemaking.

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Not sure how many Snailors (Owls, Pings etc.) I have shaped since the first one years back. At this point my hands know every angle and amount of pressure needed to get the finish I want. So now It is very much a “zen thing” when a batch is moving through the different stages in the shop.

@giantmouseknives ・・・ We will also have a few of the limited numbered Titanium Biblios and the New T-shirt dropping at that time!

The @boker_knives Nessmi was designed as a small compact skinning type of knife but was quickly adopted by a wide variety of users. Due to it’s small but functional size it was perfect for discrete beltcarry as a FB backup on longer trips or as an edc knife. The Nessmi is currently being made in Solingen (Germany) and we are working on a V.2.

You’re welcome! ;) @lucecarentes ・・・ My new pet.. a copper Snailor with tear by Jesper Voxnaes. Tramp stamped DARK STAR on ze . For my love of the incredible band Broder Daniel. Thanks Jesper, it’s a beauty. •••••

The @fox_knives TUR fixed blade was launched same time as the folder version. Here in the cocobolo version but can also be had with black G10 scales on the satin finished N690 Cobalt steel.

Still digging the F11. Seems it is one of those knives you just can’t put down....damn fidget factor!

It’s just a logo but I still love mine! When I worked as a trick-table cameraman and Animator, I would always mark my sheets, timelines, storyboards etc. with a cartoon bomb. This became my “mark” and followed me into knifemaking when I needed a logo.

The @viperknives Belone was my take on the shepherds knife.

Working on a batch of Tiny Diamondbacks in Brass! These will be going to @urbanedcsupply for a future drop!

The @fox_knives TUR V.2, a more stout and outdoorsy version in N690 and G10.

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