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Mike Marchese

Bio UpYourFitness™ Creator of The @Daily_BAR📲 International Calisthenics Coach🌎 Personal Training in SI, NY 🗽


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"Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice reduces the imperfection." . .

When and start feeling like light work, it's time to raise the bar! Getting back into my groove with some 90* Push-Ups and Ice Cream Maker variations. 💪🏻

actiFIT ASIA Report Download 8 255

Some more shots of my 'Tag Team Against Gravity', a partner calisthenics clinic for the @daily_bar at @actifitasia! Big thanks to all of the attendees and my friend @simple.fred for co-coaching!

Back in . Getting back into the swing of things with some bodyweight fundamentals. 💪🏻

actiFIT ASIA Report Download 8 263

A big thank you to everyone who made this weekend at @actifitasia a tremendous success! The enthusiasm of attendees and the work ethic of fellow fitness pros made this a trip to remember. 🙏🏻 Special thanks to @euphoria_evolution @fitnesssg_reps @fitsingapore and everyone who came together for ! 💪🏻

Instagram Image by Mike Marchese (@upyourfitness) with caption : "As per tradition, I always honor takeoff with a pre-flight selfie!
Off to #Singapore to coach and work with plenty of ea" at Newark Liberty International Airport - 1749652789644861721

As per tradition, I always honor takeoff with a pre-flight selfie! Off to to coach and work with plenty of eager fitness pros and people looking to broaden their horizons. Connecting in San Fran- 24 hours of travel time till Asia. Let's hope the wifi's consistent. 😅 Feel free to send me your best/worst/dankest memes for my entertainment & morale.

Next stop, Singapore! 🇸🇬 I hope to see many of you soon at the @actifitasia convention. 💪🏻

"Never plant the seeds of doubt." . .

No rest for the wicked. Training after a 16 hour workday has its disadvantages, but having the gym to myself last night more than made up for it. 😅 Kept it simple with another low volume / moderate intensity push-pull workout. 💪🏻 . .

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or ? Why not both? Making the most of the dumbbells at the end of Sunday's push/pull session. . .

Another late night at the office. It's just about to tune down my training- in less than two weeks I'll be on my way to Singapore once again to coach 3 new Calisthenics Workshops at the @actifitasia fitness convention! Let's do this @fitsingapore!

Back to an old school favorite: ! It's been well over a year since I've practiced these (and it admittedly shows) but I know some grind sessions and good ol' muscle memory will bridge that divide. 🙌🏻💪🏻 . . Song: @beberexha - Gateway Drug 🎶

Some unedited footage from training last night. . . Good luck to my East Coast fam dealing with cabin fever from another winter storm. 😐 ❄️ Who else is sick off all this damn snow!?

New Ninja Jump PR- 7 Plates! 🙌🏻 . . Only two weeks until my trip to Singapore 🇸🇬 for the @actifitasia fitness convention! April 6-9th I'll be coaching 3 continued education Workshops, including a course on (Bodyweight Athletic Regimen), Fundamental and Partner Workouts! Visit @fitnesssg_reps @fitsingapore or @actifitasia for more information!

One arm pull up / unilateral grip training! . .

10 x . 🙌🏻 Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for the @daily_bar! Check out my IG stories this weekend for new previews of the app and website. 🙏🏻 . .

Get a grip on life! 🙌🏻 Highlights of my workout with @reeves_09 and @justin_rivera19 this past Sunday. 💪🏻 . .

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It's official! I'll be in conducting 3 courses in Singapore April 6-8th as a guest presenter at the @actifitasia! I'm looking forward to once again connecting with the @fitsingapore crew and those of you who attended my SEA Tour in 2017! Not only will you defy gravity, but many courses are ACE CEU approved! Sign up today- seats will fill up quick 🇸🇬