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Tim Laman

Explore the world’s wildlife with me as I shoot for NatGeo, BBC & Netflix. @BirdsofParadiseProject co-founder.

Tim Laman (@timlaman) Instagram photos and videos

List of Instagram medias taken by Tim Laman (@timlaman)

Photos by @TimLaman. Lions vs. Buffalo - Part 1 – Advantage Lions. In one incredible day on safari in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, we witnessed several hunts and attempted hunts between lions and buffalo. This attack began with two lionesses. The first grabbed the buffalo by the neck while the second tried to attack from behind. It seemed to be a stalemate for six minutes. Then reinforcements showed up in the form of the two males and other females from the pride. I captured the second image when the first male to arrive leapt onto the buffalo’s back. It didn’t take long after that for the buffalo to fall. Lions have to eat….. In my next post, you will see Lions vs. Buffalo – Part II – Advantage Buffalo. At times these scenes were not pleasant to watch, I will admit. Nature can be harsh. But it was real, and it was amazing to witness the cycle of life in a place that is still wild. We need places like that on earth, and it is good for us to visit them. As Tennyson wrote, on this day, we truly witnessed “Nature red in tooth and claw”.

Photos by @TimLaman. More amazing bird diversity from my recent trip to Tanzania: Swipe to see 1) Jacana with its long walks on aquatic plants. 2) Egret caught a frog and flew up to a tree to eat it. 3) Ostrich female (in front) and male. 4) Yellow-billed Stork pair working on a nest. .

Photos by @TimLaman. Fun with motion blur in Tanzania last week. Giraffes running (1/4sec), lioness on the hunt (1/8sec), black-backed jackel (1/15sec), and zebras (1/15sec). Using a slow shutter speeds in this range from 1/15sec to 1/4sec and panning with the moving animal adds a creative touch and conveys motion in a still image. . And bye the way, thanks so much to all of you for your interest and support as I hit the surprising landmark of 1 Million followers. To celebrate, I’m planning a special print sale of my post popular Instagram images so stay tuned here, and thanks again. .

Photos by @TimLaman. More of the incredible bird diversity of East Africa, all shot last week in Tanzania. 1) Goliath Heron, 2) Little Bee-eater, 3) Kori Bustard in display, 4) African Jacana with its crazy long .

Photos by @TimLaman. African Crowned Cranes – portrait, and feeding on grass seeds. Just another spectacular bird seen on safari in Tanzania, where the diversity of birdlife is as stunning as the large mammals.

Photo by @TimLaman. Yes there are still places like this on the planet! Ostrich, Elephant, Zebra, Cape Buffalo…. just a few species making up the rich wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

Photos by @TimLaman. Lion encounters, Tanzania… Females with cubs, and the King of Beasts.

Photos by @TimLaman. The Helmeted Guineafowl is a pretty wacky looking bird. Swipe for a profile shot. Shot on my current photo safari in Tanzania. Stay tuned @TimLaman.for more.

Photo by @TimLaman. Zebra and wildflowers. Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Stay tuned to @TimLaman.for more from my ongoing wildlife safari.

Photos by @TimLaman. If you’re a young Baboon in Tanzania, you need a buddy. Stay tuned to @TimLaman.for more from my ongoing wildlife safari.

Photos by @TimLaman. I love photographing the incredible variety of spectacular birds in East Africa. Swipe to see some shots from the past few days in Tanzania’s parks: 1) Lesser Flamingo’s against storm clouds, 2) Lilac-breasted Rollers, 3) Red-and-Yellow Barbets on termite mound, 4) Pearl-spotted Owlet. Which is your favorite? Stay tuned to @TimLaman.for more from my ongoing wildlife safari.

Photos by @TimLaman. Greater Bird-of-Paradise male shakes and poses on his display perch in the Aru Islands. Sharing this as we continue to celebrate the milestone declaration of West Papua’s Conservation Province, where this species is one of 16 Birds-of-Paradise. Swipe to see more frames and the blind I shot these images from, which was constructed in the traditional Aru style out of palm leaves on a pole platform by local hunters who helped me construct it up in the canopy (without any ropes – they just free climbed!). It worked very well! @BirdsofParadiseProject .

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