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• High Quality Holsters & Apparel • 10-15 Business Day Lead Time* • LIFETIME WARRANTY • NO GUN SALES 🚫 🇺🇸 Made In America 🇺🇸

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Coyote Brown OWB setup - OPTIO holster, Glock Pistol mag carriers, AR mag carrier, and TQ carrier. •

TNT Guns & Range

Who’s trying to get some range time this week??? Wolf Grey AXIS slim for the @archonfirearms Type B/ @rain6llc Type R. Also optic cut for the @shield_sights RMSc •

“I’m working with @kabdefense to put together what I consider a “Beat it to and back” Duty Glock. I choose the G45 for the full size grip and 19 length slide. It allows full purchase of the firearm, built in flared magwell, and ambi slide release. Also, when outfitted with a @surefire_llc X300U plus Comp it still has stand-off capability. The slide will be Raider cut with my Logo, DLC coated, and milled to accept @trijicon RMR’s as they prove over and over again that they can take a serious beating and continue to work. I plan to offer the option of having @night_fision Tall sights, @parkermountainmachine.pmm Comp depending on availability when the gun is ordered. More details on that to come after testing. I’m not one to release a gun without some quality testing so before it’s available for order I’m taking this G45 through @sagedynamics Vehicle Defense Course in three weeks. When it survives I’ll ok @kabdefense to open it up as an option on their website. Thanks @tier1concealed for the badass Spara holster! Quality firearms should have quality gear supporting their role. “ • Thanks for the post @gnptactical ! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 •

What’s your round count?? 15+1 t-shirt with a Glock 19 AXIS slim holster. •

FDE on Blood Red AXIS slim is looking good. Glock 19 w/ @olightworld PL-Mini •


What’s your favorite way to carry on a hike? 🏔 SPARA holster at 3 or 4 o’clock hugs your and has a slight forward cant to aid in the draw and re-holster. •

All the FDE’s for your Monday 🤗@fn_america Scar 16S and Glock 19 Roland in an OPTIO holster (coyote brown) •

Top or bottom?? Just a couple AXIS slims with a G19 and a G45 🔥😍 • 📸: @sam_pitchfork


Who else loves nature?? 🙋🏻‍♂️🌲🌳🔫⚔️ •


Here’s @costa_ludus instructing our employees at a training we set up for all of them. It is important for us to know that ALL of our employees are well trained and proficient with firearms, both IWB and OWB so when your holsters hit their hands, they understand exactly how it’s used and how it needs to perform. @costa_ludus is rocking our OPTIO holster on the @safarilandgroup single strap leg shroud w/DFA. •

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