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Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes. Share your food photos by tagging us and using . Click the link below for our recipes! 👇🏽

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These Vegan Brownie Donuts look like pure gold 🍩 (visit @thekindnessechoes for the recipe)

These five tasty 5-ingredient pastas are perfect for weeknight dinners because they practically make themselves (and because we'd eat pasta every day if possible) Check out all the recipes in one handy place via the link in our bio! Which one looks the best to you? 🍝Linguine with Cheesy Breadcrumbs 🍝Sesame Spaghetti 🍝Creamy Pesto Penne & Peas 🍝Ravioli Florentine 🍝Gnocchi Puttanesca . (Images by @joe.lingeman | Styling: @ccb.jpeg | Recipes: @sheela.m.prakash)

These Protein-Packed Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers are a weeknight-friendly, delicious way to showcase seasonal bell peppers 😋Try em out via the link in our bio! (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @ccb.jpeg | Recipe: @thenewbaguette)

Sometimes simple is best 🥑like in the case of these breakfast toasts with lemony mashed avocado, parsley & basil and a crispy fried ⭐(via

This Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce has all of the satisfaction of flame-licked meat with none of the heaviness of a burger. It's the kind of dish that you eat sitting in the early summer evening sunshine and think about just how great life is 🌞Try it for yourself via the link in our bio! (Image & Recipe: @damn_delicious)

Our senior social media manager @whiskkid gave a bag of cherries and a carton of blueberries that were going sad a delicious second chance at life 🙏Click the link in our bio to see the Southern Biscuit recipe she used by @meghan_splawn! (Image: @whiskkid)

This Spaghetti Pie with Ricotta and Summer Veggies is the perfect make-ahead summer meal, with creamy ricotta and Italian cheeses and baked with tomatoes, tender zucchini, and plenty of fresh herbs 🍅Get the recipe via the link in our bio! (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @ccb.jpeg | Recipe: @forkandswoon)

This Roast Chicken with Sumac and Red Onions (or Mussakhan) is a classic Palestinian dish 🇵🇸where the meat is laid out on a giant piece of bread with the flavorsome roasting juices poured over it, so that they seep into the dough 😋Grab @yasminkhanstories recipe via the link in our bio! (Image: courtesy of W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.)

We're all saving this beautiful/helpful guide on how to get easy peel hard-boiled eggs! Click the link in our bio for even more tips 🥚(via @hgcstudio)

Cooking the perfect steak can be an intimidating (and thus very rewarding) undertaking, whether for a special occasion like Father's Day or a dinner 🥩So we decided to put four of the most popular methods we've seen on the interwebs to the test and see which one came out on top as the most delicious and foolproof! Click the link in our bio to see the results (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @ccb.jpeg | Testing: @sheri.castle)

These quick 'n' easy Chicken Flautas are filled with juicy shredded chicken and taste amazing served warm with plenty of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, crema, and avocado 🥑Grab the recipe via the link in our bio! (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @ccb.jpeg | Recipe: @sweetlifebake)

How pretty (and delicious-looking) are these oreo macarons?! (via @teakandthyme)

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