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Engineer 🚀 Lifter 💪 Hunter 🦌 Adventurer ⛰️ Conservationist 🌿 Pro Staff ⤵️ @sightmark🎯 @firstlitehunting🌄 @pulsarnightvision🌑 New Review! ⤵️

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Sightmark Wraith video is live now! - Economical night hunting! 🌙🎯 . Detailed tabletop review of the new @sightmark Wraith Digital Day/Night scope is live on YouTube. Link in my bio! . I spent a while with this scope; this might be one of, if not the best option for getting into the night hunting game on a budget. Very impressed with it, especially for the price point. . There are pros and cons, but a lot of pros. Check out the video for details. One thing to note- it's gotta be one of the least complicated devices to use.... ever. And it just works. No frills. Just function. . I'm excited to see where Sightmark goes from here. It's very exciting to see local (Texas) companies doing things like this. . Let me know what you think! . .

Drum mag, suppressed through infrared🔥 . This video shows the @pulsarnightvision thermal profile of the light weight 10.5" 5.56x45mm J-Blaster, being fired with the @magpul D60 drum magazine, suppressed with the @ruggedsuppressors Razor762 with 5.56 endcap. Maiden voyage of my @eotech EXPS3-2 😍 . The weapon uses a @faxonfirearms pencil barrel with the @superlativearms piston system in full bleed-off mode with normal weight carbine buffer. Note my support hand thumb, and how it gets hot at the start of the video, and how I relocate it because it didn't feel good. This is from the gas venting out of the bleed-off gas block. I was wearing gloves. . Being a vented piston gun, it runs very clean and surprisingly cool away from the vent. No gas in the face and clean upper receiver due to piston, gas block vent, and Razor 🗝️ . I can't make this gun malfunction. It's awesome. Cleaning seems to be optional. Double and triple taps are nice. I can't wait to put this upper on my registered receiver. I'll probably be replacing barrels frequently. Regardless, worth it. . Note that on short barrel like this, the gas vent makes the rear of the silencer filthy due to proximity. Keep that in mind for your builds. . Anyone have a grip suggestion for not burning my support hand? Longer pistol grip? Move it back? Different style? Rail covers? . .

Pulsar Axion YouTube review, live now! 🎬 . My detailed tabletop review of the Axion Key XM30 can be watched on my YouTube channel! Link to the video in my bio! . How is THAT for daily carry? I put this compact handheld thermal monocular through its paces, and I describe every feature of the device in the video. I carried this thing across the country on business; planes, rental cars, you name it. Spent a lot of time with it. . The Axion devices are the size of handheld laser rangefinders; but they allow you to spot thermal signatures over 1000 yards away. What a time to be alive! The form factor of these things is my favorite part. . I enjoyed using the budget-minded "Key" and I'm looking forward to getting field use with the higher end Axion s, which boast more features. . I hope you find this review informative! Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to get notified when I upload more! . Have any of you folks used the Axion(s) yet? . .

New Podcast Episode - Listener Questions!🎙️🔥 . Episode 6 of The Jay Situation podcast can be obtained at and iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher. Link in bio! . This episode is Part 1 of Listener Questions! You folks asked some great questions, so I took a stab at answering them. This podcast includes the following topics, chosen by you: . ⚪ Differences between dedicated 7.62 and 5.56 silencers ⚪ Silencer use on short barrels ⚪ Future silencer industry interviews and guests ⚪ Silencer 3D printing ⚪ Firearm 3D printing, in general ⚪ A little bit about my background 🔴 Technology teaser . I hope you find the episode informative! Please subscribe on your favorite provider, and review it/rate it if you can! I appreciate your time and listening. . Part 2 is coming soon. Keep those questions coming! . .

Big pig throwback! 🐗🎯 . He was a big one. To date, the largest boar hog I have taken. . So many cool things about this hunt... the preparation, scouting, bait, and then stalk. I read the wind perfectly and got to within 100 yards of him; after spotting him from close to 400 yards away with the @pulsarnightvision Helion XP50. This was one of my first outings with the laser range finding Trail LRF XP50 too, so I definitely had the technological upper hand. . Even with the long range spotting, advantageous wind conditions, and accurate ranging, I was a bit nervous due to my choice of using 5.56x45mm that night 😬😂. . But, with a good bullet (can't really brag too much here- I think I used a varmint load that I found at a small town Walmart), I dropped him with one shot in the lower "neck." Dropped like a 300 pound sack of potatoes. . What are some of the most enjoyable night hunts in which you have participated? And why? . .

Texas Strength Systems

Bench press basics 💯 . I'm definitely not a bench press expert, but I know a thing or two about a thing or two. . I tagged nine people in this post that I have learned from, over the years, and each of these beefy lifters has offered invaluable advice for one of the most popular but misunderstood lifts in all of strength sports. So, here are a few, but not all, rules of benching (all credit to my bench teachers): . ⚫ Rule 1 - foundation. Upper back and feet form the supports for your bridge. That's it. No more. Your kisses the bench, and if you wanted to, you could slide a single page workout program right between the bench and your cheeks. . ⚫Rule 2 - leg drive on the descent; it reaches the force apex as soon as the ascent begins. . ⚫Rule 3 - pick a fixed point on the ceiling of the building, or a favorite cloud if benching outside. Don't look at the bar. Your training has told you where the bar is. You know where the bar goes, so put it there. . ⚫Rule 4 - retract that upper back. "Chest up" isn't a false cue; it's a way of life. Your upper back position should be the same in the bench press as it is in the squat or the deadlift. Scapular retraction, "down and back." Show them titties. . Is this something that interests you folks? Future guests on the podcast include @iandeadlifts and @kingsilverback56 , the incredible father-son beefy team of legend, so let me know. This page isn't all about guns, you know. It's also about gainz. All kinds of gainz. Life gainz. . .

Indiana Convention Center

Well, this isn't Any Other Weapon 🔥 . See what I did there? Dumb NFA joke. Stick with me for a second.... . The @trailblazerfirearms LifeCard is a single-shot rimfire pistol (.22LR and .22WMR versions are available). It folds into the overall footprint of a credit card, with a of approximately 0.5 inches. . Ordinarily, the U.S. BATFE, in their infinite wisdom, classifies such weapons falling outside the purview of other classifications to be Any Other Weapons (AOWs)- a classification of Title II firearms requiring a $5 transfer tax (Form 4) and $200 making tax (Form 1). . The LifeCard, however, is a Title I gun, as it actually looks like a gun when it is in the fireable configuration (it can't fire unless unfolded). . Peep the threaded barrel with a @bowersgroup Bitty™ .22 silencer installed. 😁 . This is one quiet, compact, discreet package. I'm a fan. The manufacturer website even sells leather and kydex holsters for the thing that look like little phone case sleeves. This has been out for a while, but I saw it with a silencer for the first time at NRAAM! . I don't find it attractive without the threaded barrel. What do you think? Would you rock it, unsuppressed? . .

Humid night ops 💦🌙 . Been testing the new @sightmark Wraith digital night vision scope. It's a very economical option for those of you getting into the goon life™. Took it out with my @pulsarnightvision Helion XP50 thermal and the Axion Key, recently. . Top images are at native magnification with the Wraith (left) and Helion (right) on a dark, overcast, humid, night. The Wraith shows me at around 40 yards or so. The system has high native mag, which I'm not a huge fan of, honestly, but for the use cases in which the Wraith excels, it's probably a good thing. . The Helion shows me about half as far away (or twice as close, depending on your level of optimism). . I've zoomed into both images (bottom) to save you the phone-pinch-zoom headache and to illustrate a point about these two technologies. For target identification, night vision systems can be superior, and for digital night vision- as long as your IR light (we were using the stock Wraith IR) can reach, it will reflect and gather relatively well. Note the barbed wire fence illumination. . Thermal gradients can sometimes not be great enough to detect fine details, like the fence, if you don't have your thermal settings correct for conditions. The Helion had been set to black hot, with lower brightness. The video was filmed with white hot, without adjusting the brightness, and the background is difficult to discern. . We also used the Axion Key (the base Axion, with no recording function and cheaper display). My preliminary verdict is that you get what you pay for. Good detection, but the capability of the Helion XP50 is so much greater for identification. I need to evaluate the higher level Axion s in the field. . Stay tuned for some detailed YouTube tabletop reviews on these devices. I think 100 yards is a decent range for the Wraith with stock IR, in my testing so far. . .

Options. You, as a consumer, have them. 📝 . I shot and played with a @the_official_q Honey Badger SBR, suppressed with a @deadairsilencers Nomad silencer (with a shiny un-finished body). . With subsonic ammunition, it doesn't take a world of technology to make the 300BLK cartridge pleasing to the ear. For example, many silencers, including those intended for pistol calibers, can be used to suppress subsonic 300BLK. Before the. 300 Whisper wildcat cartridge was tweaked by @advancedarmamentcorp, promoted to and used by the military, and became mainstream, many folks were doing just that with it and other less popular wildcats like .338 Spectre. Not only was it fun, but folks like to put the heaviest subsonic round through their silencers as possible! Makes sense, as supersonic wounding mechanisms disappear in the subsonic regime, and things like momentum and diameter really travel to the forefront. . In today's silencer game, there are breeds of modularity and multiuse cans that fully embrace the above history of wanting big bullets moving quietly, but simultaneously want to tame violent full power center-fire rifle calibers for hunting, long range, playing G.I. Joe, and harnessing the fun of cheap, available, NATO cartridges and combloc™ varieties. . You have choices. A one-size-fits-all silencer and host is possible; if your "all" is honestly defined. However, finding a true chimera (no relation to the silencer sold by @silencerco) has not yet been possible. . In very few words: I found the combo in the photo to be enjoyable. The rifle is incredibly light and felt toy-like, and lethally controllable. The sound was tame, and the silencer heat buildup was minimal due to the low energy subsonic cartridge and large silencer volume. Erosion concerns from prolonged use with the Nomad are negligible for most use cases. . Have you shot a Honey Badger? A Nomad? Both? What did you think? . .

Texas Strength Systems

We just out here tryin' to get beefy 💪 . I've made my greatest friends in the gym. Several years ago, the brotherhood consisting of the men tagged in this post was forged in blood, sweat, tears, and iron. We've seen each other at our highest, lowest, and everything in between. . Whether you're a man, woman, powerlifter, bodybuilder, baseball player, sprinter, competitive shooter, or hunter, the gainz you receive from consistent time in the gym with smart programming are real. Sure, we're all busy, but you have to make time for this. You aren't getting any younger and your biological age won't slow in its climb unless you do something about it. . In this video, you witness the middle of a journey on which @pain_train11 and I embarked to destroy our triceps for maximum gainz. Tricep gainz are useful for: . 🔴A big bench press 🔴Getting super jacked 🔴Balancing your epic bicep gainz 🔴Getting huge arms, which is important . We like to do these after bench press, weighted dips, shoulders, skull crushers, and whatever else. . How do you blast your arms' largest muscle group? What are your ways of creating a powerful presence in the bearing of arms? . .

Uvalde, Texas

Infrared view of an oversized silencer! 🔥 . In this video, the @ruggedsuppressors Obsidian 45 silencer is used to suppress a Glock 19 Gen4, chbered in 9mm. The pistol in the video was fired with the stock recoil spring assembly and the @knsprecisioninc SwitchSights™. The munition used was Speer Lawman 147gr. . The oversized bore aperture of the silencer, intended for use with .45ACP, results in relatively high axial volumetric flow rate through the baffle stack. The hot gases take a while to build up and heat conduction into the silencer happens more slowly than it does in smaller volume, more restrictive flow silencers like the 9mm @deadairsilencers Odessa (see my post from March 27th for that video, using the se pistol). . I find the Glock 19 with a stock recoil spring to be uncomfortable to the ear, even when fired outdoors, with both the Obsidian and Odessa in their full length configurations, with this full powered munition. . I highly recommend that Glock 19 owners intending to suppress their pistols using full power mo invest the time and parts in tuning their recoil system. I provide my experience with this in my April 22nd post. Several of you have asked for an article on this. I writing one and will post it on my website. . You can see the river and hear the ricochets, thanks to recording through the @pulsarnightvision Helion XP50 ♥️ . Any questions? Any desired host/silencer combos you would like viewed or compared in thermal or other ways? . .

New podcast episode with Energetic Armament! 🔥💣 . Link in bio! for direct download, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher! . I was able to sit down with Mr. Karl Edminster from @energeticarmament and one of his sponsored shooters, 12 year old Raegan Hearn @pineapple_shooter, during the NRAAM convention! We discussed several topics, including the following: . ⚪Energetic Armament’s entry into the fields of silencer design, engineering, and manufacturing. 🔴Technical details of their Vox silencer. ⚪Material selection and research. ⚪Flow design principles. ⚪Baffle design. ⚪Silencer physics. ⚪Manufacturing nuances. ⚪Material and heat cycle testing. ⚪The silencer industry in 2019. ⚪Continued innovation, and more! . 🔵Raegan discusses her new and evolving shooting career and how she was introduced to firearms and shooting sports, as well as silencers. Raegan is a girl scout, competitive shooter, and fisher/hunter! . Hope you folks enjoy! Photo credit: @hansohn_brothers . .

Full auto Friday! 🔥💀🔥 . Sometimes the videographer has to be ride or die. This was one of those times. Shout out to @elliottoantonio. Sound on for his commentary 🔊😂 . The saying "Happiness is a Belt-Fed Weapon" might be true. It certainly was fitting as I fired this short belt of .308 (7.62x51mm, for those that don't speak 'Merica). . I was shooting the @oss_suppressors HX-QD 762 MG, which is their belt-fed machine gun silencer. I'm not sure what the level of suppression was, but it was comfortable to shoot with my ear plugs. That's a lot of .308 close to a reflecting surface (the ground). It would be nice to compare this to other belt-fed rated silencers, like those from @ruggedsuppressors or @sigsauerinc on the same day to see how gas and suppression varies. . I would like to have an open bolt mag-fed or belt-fed upper for my registered 5.56 machine gun receiver. Anyone out there in internet land know of anything like that? I know that Richard Lage has his open bolt 5.56 upper I can put on the M11, but the M16 needs some open bolt love, if even with drum mags ♥️ . Thank to @silencershop and OSS for this opportunity! . .

Sometimes I hug dogs. Sometimes they let me. 🐾 . Relaxing weekend, but this pupper was nervous on the boat. That's because he's a land dog. Unless he's in the water. Then, he's a water dog. But he's not a not-in-the-water-but-on-the-water dog, especially with higher than doggy-paddle relative velocity to the water. . I like dogs. . .

Fallujah, Iraq

Episode 4 of The Jay Situation Podcast is available now! 🔥 . Five ways to listen!, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher! . I was able to sit down with Mr. Jimmy Bell @bigsmashen from @silencerco during the NRAAM convention! We discussed a lot of things, including the following topics: . ⚪Jimmy’s personal history ⚪SilencerCo’s early products ⚪How SilencerCo has grown ⚪Product line changes 🔴The summer promo ⚪Development of the Switchback ⚪Customer service ⚪The silencer industry ⚪Hunting and silencers ⚪Favorite silencer hosts, and more! . Hope you enjoy! . .

My detailed tabletop review of the Griffin Armament Explorr series of silencers is up on YouTube! Link in bio 👍 . I speak about every aspect of this @griffin_armament silencer line, as well as my shooting impressions. The following topics are presented: . 00:00 - Intro 00:20 - Griffin Armament short history 00:35 - Explorr series characteristics 02:53 - Mount details 06:27 - Baffle discussion 07:40 - Performance impressions 09:58 - Mount issues 14:42 - Comparison with @the_official_q models 16:48 - Further mount opinions 18:23 - Caliber choices 19:24 - Intended uses 19:45 - Closing . Let me know what you think, and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more! Check out The Jay Situation podcast on all major providers and! Special thanks to @silencershop ♥️ . .

New podcast episode! "Bedside table! On the Kangaroo!" ⌚ . Link in bio; go to for iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or direct download! . Man, are you folks in for a treat. I was able to sit down with subgun silencer industry legend Mr. Tom Bowers @tom_actual, owner of @bowersgroup, for over two hours and discuss everything under the sun, including: . ⚪Submachine guns ⚪New products ⚪Old products ⚪The silencer industry ⚪Machine guns ⚪Gobal warming ⚪Communism ⚪Acoustics ⚪Hearing damage/hearing safe ⚪Sound testing ⚪Competitor products ⚪Favorite silencer hosts 🔴And of course, Bitty – the small, light, dry .22 silencer! . Stay tuned- two more episodes were recorded during the weekend. Can you guess with whom? Subscribe to the podcast to find out! . 🎬In Pulp Fiction, Butch got his father's watch, and he also used a MAC-10 submachine gun chambered in .45ACP with an old SIONICS wiped/eyelet silencer, owned by Marsellus, to Vincent.🎬 . Bowers has been retrofitting those old silencers with modern parts for decades! . .

Indianapolis, Indiana

The NRA Annual Meetings have come and gone. 🤯 . Despite the anti-gun politics that have infiltrated the organization, the event in Indianapolis should be viewed, in my opinion, as a great example of freedom loving Americans coming together to celebrate curiosity, innovation, capitalism, and passion for sport, defense, independence, and perseverance. . Without the inherent human rights to free speech, self defense, and others, a populace suffers severe detriment. The United States of America is built upon ideals that exhibit an underlying theme- the country belongs to the citizenry; not the government. . To continue to enjoy a free society, the collectively governed must have the means to free themselves from oppressive governance. . We're, of course, frogs in a warming of water- but glimpses and glimmers of these ideals, to which many have clung, shine brightly at events like arms shows. . .

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