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🤫🤫🤫 @yankee_hill_machine ・・・ Be sure to check in with @firearmblog every weekend for Silencer Saturday and see their on-going review of the Turbo® K 😎 • Article: •

Yeet Cannon! 🎩 @hipointfirearms ・・・ Here you go! You forced us to move forward faster than we intended, but that's okay. Enjoy!!!!

😂👌 @everydaynodaysoff ・・・ When I say "Run up and get wet up with the K" please know I'm talking Potassium. 🍌🍌🍌%

You know I’m got to get one and suppress it post haste. @hipointfirearms ・・・ NAME THE NINE. . Coming June 6th.

@r_k_ford ・・・ Just remember, that storage compartment in the buttstock is a good place to slip some ten-spots or Jackson’s. Tip your armorer accordingly or you’ll get more than just “the tip.” • • •

@ashley_hlebinsky ・・・ A little local love for John Linebaugh and @bighornarmory

Where’s the ‘buy it now’ button? @sharkcoasttactical ・・・ Added a little Gucci to the Ezekiel Glock. Everything in life is better with a Gold barrel. Shop opens back up tomorrow at 10am. Let’s start a project. 🔥Home of the Build A Glock Bar🔥 @4thmancustoms @sharkcoasttactical 🦈 🦈 Gun Shop-Sarasota Custom Builds Laser Engraving LaserStippling Custom Holsters Slide Cuts Silencers Cerakote Custom Shirts

Question time! Is 9x39 here to stay? Would you buy a gun chambered in 9x39? GO @xtremegunworx ・・・ OWO what’s this?


New hotness from the man himself. @gunshorts ・・・ Here's the new Sig . I got to handle it last month. @sigsauerusa giving you what you want, lengthening the and adding features seen on the P320X series like a flat trigger and an optic cut slide. Would you give up your CCW for this new model? What do you guys think?

Our man in Amsterdam checking out some rimfire fun. @solscud007 ・・・ when your accessories cost more than the gun.

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