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Adam Kraut, Esq.

2014 Graduate of the Mark Zuckerberg School of Law Pirate Law Specialist Scribe Instagram Chef Faux Photographer

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repost from @gunpolicy U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts has granted the application to file the petition for certiorari in FPF’s Guedes v. BATFE challenge to August 29. Game on!

"I don't like them at all." repost from @gunpolicy Hold on to your cans! (We’re working on a Supreme Court cert petition and a number of other cases, so please if you want to support the fight and stand for constitutionally limited government and your rights!)

repost from @phlster I’m increasingly convinced that having an anti-gun position is nothing more than a fashionable way to appear as though you’re the approved kind of smart or enlightened person. Safety is a kind of privilege. To be so insulated from danger that your normalcy bias develops into the belief that nobody needs a gun is a privileged position to occupy and it’s unreasonable to universalize that onto the present or future state of the country, as a whole. The Puritanical element, I believe, comes from a psychologically disintegrated fear and repression of the parts of human nature which are capable of violence. The same as those who are Puritanical about sexuality, there are those whose discomfort with their own Shadows cause them to project loathing and distrust onto those who’ve properly integrated that part of themselves. They can’t imagine that someone could have a healthy and responsible relationship with these elements of their human nature, so they attempt to control them with shame and moralizing.

Night jigglin is hard. repost from @fourguysguns Did some training with @greenlinetactical and @theadamkraut last weekend. It was neat. Thanks as well to @silentsolutions @tnvc_inc and @ridgeline_defense

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