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London, United Kingdom

You have to look several times before you realize that the blue scales are actually empty rows of seats from a London stadium. With his photographs, Adam Katz Sinding proves once again that he has a special perspective for the beautiful - and also the strange. ----- 🔎 From “Live from F*cking Everywhere”, Photo © @aks • • •

Elliott Erwitt’s heartfelt and original tribute to man’s best friend is back in its original format! Ranging from daring little imps to lumbering and gentle beasts, Erwitt’s images unveil the quirkiness that makes these creatures so beloved while combining an unerring sense of composition with the magic of the moment 🐾 ----- 🔎 “Dogs”, Photo © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum • • •

Valerie, as seen in @lagrangemarc’s “Chocolate” 🖤 ----- 🔎 (link in bio) • • • Photo © 2019 Marc Lagrange


The most impressive portrait of India is finally available again in July: Andreas H. Bitesnich’s classic portrait of India, a timeless photographic masterpiece capturing the breathtaking beauty and complexity of the world’s largest democracy. ----- 🔎 (link in bio) @andreas_h_bitesnich • • •

Montreal, Quebec

Reporting live from “everywhere,” photographer Adam Katz Sinding (@aks ) travels around the globe to document the fashion zeitgeist. An Instagram hit, @aks’s lens captures fashion weeks, runway idols, the next big trends, tastemakers, and—in particular—street style. In “Live from F*cking Everywhere”, he explores culture and landmarks instead of runways – and offers insight into his peculiar mind. ----- 🔎 (link in bio) @mendobooks • • • @mendobooks Photo © Adam Katz Sinding

On July 20, 1969, mankind set foot on the moon for the very first time 👨‍🚀 Almost, 50 years later, Authors Floris Heyne, Joel Meter, Simon Phillipson, and Delano Steenmeijer scoured the vast NASA photo archives to select the most outstanding photos of the Apollo missions and curated a fantastic coffee table book. ----- 🔎 “Apollo VII-XVII”, (link in bio) • • • Photo © courtesy of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) photographic archives

John Malkovich photographed by Vincent Peters is one of the 177 b/w images chosen for his new book „Selected Works“. ----- 🔎 (link in bio) Photo © @vincentpeters1 • • •

“My goal with these images is to raise our awareness of the beauty and diversity of the natural world, but – even more importantly—its dreadful fragility and endangerment.” - @pjarquek 🐆🦍 ---- Check out his book “fragile” here 🔎 (link in bio) • • • Photo © Pedro Jarque Krebs. All rights reserved

Adam Katz Sinding’s (@aks) new book “Live from F*cking Everywhere” is a must-have for all those passionate about travel photography and architecture. In the last year, he has traveled through over 35 countries across the globe, snapping a breathtaking number of beautiful photos that capture the essence of a place as only he would recognize it. Out now! ----- 🔎 ☝️ • • • @mendobooks Photo © @aks | @mendobooks

June 8, 2019: World Oceans Day 🌊 “Ours is a water planet—every second breath we take is drawn from the sea. But today, our oceans are at the limits of their resilience. What we do—or fail to do—within the next five years will determine our fate for the next ten thousand. This is why I cofounded @sealegacy, an organization that, with your support, can change how this story ends. — @paulnicklen This National Geographic-featured photographer and conservationist never shies away from extreme and challenging conditions as he feels urgently compelled to connect a global audience to the species and ecosystems he cares so deeply about. One of the world’s most acclaimed nature photographers, Nicklen focuses on marine wildlife and polar environments. For Nicklen, we must act now to save Earth’s delicate ecosystems and the precious diversity of life. Combining some of his most extraordinary photographs with personal experiences—educational and inspirational—this stunning Paul Nicklen photo compendium is both a remarkable collection of nature photography and a passionate rallying cry to stand up, have a voice, and enact positive change for our planet. ----- 🔎 From our book „Born to Ice“, • • • Photo © 2018 Paul Nicklen. All rights reserved.

Water. The origin of life. The of luck among cosmic coincidences. The chameleon of molecules that makes all the difference. Every living entity depends on its existence. takes us on a photographic journey leading all over the truly blue planet to remind us that water is never just water but a whole universe of diversity and beauty. Which is to be protected! 🌊 ----- 🔎 “Water” is available in August, • • •

The image shot by photographer @danielbeltraphoto cannot be shared often enough. The oil-stained, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico swirl like a grotesque painting. During the spill approximately 4.9 million barrels of oil were released into the Gulf. A death sentence for nature and hopefully a wakeup call for humanity. ----- 🔎 From our book “TEN – @prix_pictet“, • • •

Our oceans are more threatened than ever before. Worldwide plastic waste pollution and industrial fishing threaten the existence of countless ocean species. Global warming and the resulting climate change are leading to ever greater damage of the marine ecosystem. @york_hovest, a photographer, adventurer, and author, has set himself the task of countering this development. The regular National Geographic contributor has joined “heroes of the seas”—scientists, activists, and visionaries—around the globe to explore and document the most inventive solutions and promising projects to save our oceans. In parallel to a rich documentary film, this book charts Hovest’s journey to help save the seas, capturing the beauty of the ocean as well as its extreme fragility. Hovest’s pictures span the azure blue seas of the South Seas to the cold waters around the Arctic Circle. They show whales, sharks, and colorful reef inhabitants in their natural habitat. In breathtaking splendor and scope, they remind us of the immense diversity and beauty of marine life and urge us to protect the abundant life forms for whom the ocean is home 🌎 ------ 🔎 “Heroes of the Sea”, • • •

Vancouver Island

“Every other breath we take comes from the ocean. What we do or fail to do in the next five years will determine what our oceans and planet look like for the next ten thousand years. That is why I co-founded SeaLegacy, an organization that, with your support, can change how the story ends.” — @cristinamittermeier 🌏 Photographer and marine biologist, Cristina Mittermeier, was born in Mexico City in 1966. A passionate environmentalist, she founded the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) in 2005 and the non-profit organization @sealegacy in 2015. Her work has been published in @natgeo and @time and she has received both the Mission Award from the North American Nature Photography Association and the Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award. She is a role for us all 🙏 ----- 🔎 From our book “Amaze”, • • •

Planet Earth

With five days to go until , we are making this week into our very own Ocean Week, honoring our photographers and their missions to create more awareness of the importance of Oceans for our blue planet. Link in Bio 🌏 • • •

Since tropical plants dislike too much direct sunlight, especially in glass jars (due to condensation). Therefore, tropical terrariums are best places on shady bookshelves or bedside tables. However, they do need a bit of natural light and should not be banished to the farthest corner of the house 🌴🌵 ----- 🔎 From “House of Plants“, Rose Ray & Caro Langton 👉 @studio.roco, • • • Photo © Erika Raxworthy. All rights reserved. @erikaraxworthy

Leonhard's Gallery

It’s Book Release Weekend at LEONHARD’S GALLERY in Antwerp, Belgium featuring “Chocolate” by Mark Lagrange. Stop by, if you’re in the area. ----- 🔎 • • • Photo © 2019 Marc Lagrange. All rights reserved.

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