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ya know, just living life and all

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Didn’t get my first crowd surf, but I still can’t believe tonight happened 😭 thanks for partying it up w me Maddy!

The Lantern Fest

Lantern Fest w Sophie was unreal 🤩 I can’t even describe the feeling I was given from this experience.. s/o to these guys for making this night so unforgettable

Prom was a dream w Dakota!! 🤩 it’s insane to think that my years of high school dances are over.. but I couldn’t think of a better way to go out then w these guys. Thank you Dakota for coming w me and being the best date!! And major thanks to everyone in my group for making this an unforgettable experience

San Diego, California

I’ll just leave this here.

San Diego, California

Can I go back now??

Dallas, Texas

Ya know, just finishing an essay that was due yesterday

San Diego, California

Usually at this point I would try to come up w some caption about how upset I that summer is over and school has started but I’ve come to realize how precious time really is.. it feels like just yesterday I was on this beach taking in it’s beauty. Time is one of the few things we can’t get back so make the most of it and take a step back to appreciate every moment

The Minds Journal

Haven't worked on one of these in a while.. as life became more busy I found it difficult to keep my creativity alive but it feels good to get back to it (swipe for the second half)

Me and @ethan.jones found "some water falling off the mountain"

San Diego, California

I could stay here forever..


This trip was absolutely insaaane.. so many surreal moments that will be nearly impossible to top. From waking up at 5 to make sunrise to sneaking onto the skywalk and almost falling to my death.. multiple times.. I would say this was a pretty eventful trip 🤟🏽


Found this old, abandoned zip line tower that hung 6,000 feet above the Grand Canyon .. yes I 100% climbed my way to edge of it for this picture

Anyone else counting down the days till summer??

Newport Beach, California

Just before I got wrecked by this wave


Some clips from when I went back home earlier this summer.. So cool being able to relive some moments from my youth as well as making some crazy new ones 🙌🏽

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