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Gabriel Tam

🏴 PNW 🖤 Mrs @jlynn.befit 👁‍🗨 @haleystrategicofficial @zevtech @gcodeholsters @tankworxarmory ✖️ Multicam vinyl skins, patches, apparel ⤵

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Another OD wishlist gun, and probably the most wanted by me. Also, where's the anodized green lights, @surefire_llc? OG photo @benchau

❗️ LIVE ❗️ UPDATE: Troopers sold out. 10 Bears left.

Inspired by all the creative minds on Instagram. I love that there are designers and photographers in the gun community that are pushing me to think. @primerprojects is a G 🙌🏻

If you could only buy one brand of gun or gear for the rest of your life, what would it be ⁉️

Unfortunately, there will always be people that hate on your success, your relationships, or your methods.

We’re pumping out skin orders these next few days. Multicam Black all your things with our @multicampattern vinyls.

Revisiting this video, @dpcustomworks GAB slide. He's got a huge discount code active right now.

❗️Giveaway closed❗️Our last @haleystrategicofficial Multicam Snapback & Patch winner is @pearlman3.

iPad'ed my car📱Always wanted to do this and had to share. Message me if you want a link to the magnets. Not sponsored or paid by em to post this, they're just super strong magnets I wanted to share. Heard about em first from @gundmc_. Multicam Black skin on my site.

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