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CEO @tier1concealed Freedom enthusiast Individual rights lover Questions everything Student of the gun

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Let it float for awhile. Glock 17 with šŸ˜± iron sights by @combat_precision. Drawing from a @tier1concealed AGIS.

Other than the charging handle coming loose, @stiinternational DVC Open ran through 250 without a hickup.

Sometimes I feel like people act like my is a competition gun. šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™‚ļø Sometimes I feel like it is. @tier1concealed @stiinternational @flt_llc @zevtech @glockinc

Fun day working in and around vehicles in rainy, sunny, windy, hot, freezing Wyoming. @costa_ludus @tier1concealed

Trap or track? How do you shoot moving targets? @tier1concealed OPTIO

Getting reps in at @armory_utah with @jeremyhornelite. If you could only have one gun and it had to be a handgun what would you choose? @tier1concealed OPTIO

These 1 MOA RMO9ā€™s are my favorite. I have a bad astigmatism and the dots never look great but these are pretty good.....for me. Iā€™m still waiting on the SRO. @trijicon @mayhem_syndicate @surefire_llc @oakley @tier1concealed

Making more gravel for the range. @tier1concealed

Weekend music lessons underway with @costa_ludus @aaronsizzle.

One of my favorites. G17 with grip work done by @flt_llc šŸ‘ŒšŸ»

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