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Hans Lucas

Between information and creation, the studio hans lucas is an international plateform dedicated to photography, digital storytelling and new media

Hans Lucas (@studiohanslucas) Instagram photos and videos

List of Instagram medias taken by Hans Lucas (@studiohanslucas)

TAKE OVER/LAURENCE KOURCIA @laurencekourcia Jour 2: La Plage Extrait de ma série « French Riviera » J’ai grandi sur plages de la Côte d’Azur. Alors oui, le bling bling, touristes , ...mais Pas seulement . Je me souviens des nuits sur galets, des batail d’eau , des piques-nique en famille , de l’odeur des vagues ... J’ai parcouru pas mal de pays mon appareil photo en bandoulière et je n’avais jamais photographié plages de mon enfance . Alors voilà , l’été 2018, j’ai pris mon Fuji , ma serviette de bain , ma crème solaire et j’ai photographié ma French Riviera et sa fureur d’été . Alors J’ai vu sa poésie . Day 2: The Beach Excerpt from my series "French Riviera" I grew up on the beaches of the French Riviera. So yes, the bling bling bling, the tourists, ...but not only. I remember the nights on the pebb, the water batt, the family picnics, the smell of the waves... I have travelled quite a few countries with my camera slung over my shoulder and I had never photographed the beaches of my childhood. So here I am, I took my Fuji, my towel, my sunscreen and I photographed my French Riviera and its summer fury. And I saw his poetry. @fujifilmfrance

TAKE OVER / LAURENCE KOURCIA @laurencekourcia Jour 1: À l’origine Extrait de la série «  Juifs de Djerba » , Tunisie. À certains moments charnières de la vie on ressent le besoin d’aller boire à la source . À la mort de ma grand mère a commencé un voyage intime à la rencontre de mes racines. Moi qui ne suis ni pratiquante, ni croyante j’ai eu besoin de comprendre ce qu’était ce lien avec mes origines. La communauté juive de Djerba est l’une des plus anciennes du monde et aussi l’une des dernières à subsister dans le monde arabe. Que signifie l’exil, quel est l’impact de cette double culture , juive et arabe à la fois ? Day 1: Originally Excerpt from the series "Jews from Djerba", Tunisia. At certain pivotal moments in life, we feel the need to drink at the source. When my grandmother died, an intimate journey began to meet my roots. I, who neither religious nor religious, needed to understand what this link with my origins was. The Jewish community of Djerba is one of the oldest in the world and also one of the last to survive in the Arab world. What does exile mean, what is the impact of this dual culture, both Jewish and Arab? #

HANS LUCAS ON INSTAGRAM / TAKEOVER / LAURENCE KOURCIA / @laurencekourcia / NEXT WEEK __ Every month one of our member photographer taking over our instagram account. // Next Week / Stay connected and follow! __ #

© Anita Volker | HL @anitavolker_hl _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ Profumo estivo // Oliver playing diabolo, arms extended to the sky, Tuscany.2018 _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl_occitanie @hl.benelux @hl.mediterranee @hl_grand_ouest @hl.grandest @hl_latinamerica @hl.lille _

© Laurent Hou | HL @hou_laurent _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ Backstage of a Tibetan dancers show // In Qilian theater, a dancer is getting some help with her hat and veil backstage during the show "Qilian Heavens". _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl_occitanie @hl.benelux @hl.mediterranee @hl_grand_ouest @hl.grandest @hl_latinamerica _

© Vassili Feodoroff | HL @vassilifeo _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ From among the dragons Portrait of the Mekong Delta in the face of climate change. On the Mekong Delta coast, sea level rise is already being felt. In addition to rising waters, the coast is also threatened by typhoons and floods that further weaken the coastline. Vinh Lieu, Vietnam, March 2017. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl_occitanie @hl.benelux @hl.mediterranee @hl_grand_ouest @hl.grandest @hl_latinamerica _

© Nadia Ferroukhi | HL @ferroukhinadia _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ MADAGASCAR - LABOUR - AGRICULTURE - COCOA In the warehouses of the plantation, resonates the sound of dried beans that workers spin in the air. This sorting technique allows them to select the most beautiful beans. Stélivio separates the good from the bad beans. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl_occitanie @hl.benelux @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest @hl_latinamerica _

© Renaud Morin | HL _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ THE GAME OF MASK - KUKERI Lalio Bitchev is a goat herder and Kukeri. The outfit he wears is traditional for this region of western Bulgaria, it is transmitted mainly from generation to generation.It is made entirely by hand with local materials. Much of the costume is made of animal fur (horse and goat). _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.mediterranee @hl.benelux @hl_occitanie @hl.lille @hl_latinamerica @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest _

© Celia Pernot | HL @celiapernot _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ When America is green / The Nelsons work with several Amish farms adjacent to their own family farm. The Petersheims grow tomatoes for them. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl.benelux @hl_occitanie @hl_latinamerica @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest _

© Lucie Mach | HL @lucie_mach _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ D-DAY 75: A honoured remembrance. // View of Gold Beach in Arromanches-les-bains, Normandy on June 6th 2019 with amphibians vehicules. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl.benelux @hl_occitanie @hl_latinamerica @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest _

© Anthony Hamidovic | HL @pizzicat _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ Zéphyrs // On the seaside, all eyes are on the ocean. All seem to be turning to the horizon, swept away by the zephyrs. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl.benelux @hl_occitanie @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest @hl_latinamerica _

© Patricia Huchot-Boissier | HL @phbcreation _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ XXI century women in Tamil Nadu, 2012.Through my daily life is the testimony of my passage of life of 2 years (from 2010 to 2012) in a fishing village of Tamil Nadu, I propose a series of portraits of women in their daily lives at home, at work, in function in the Hindu religion. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl.benelux @hl_occitanie @hl_latinamerica @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest _

© Séverine Carreau | HL @severine.carreau _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ BE A BABA Baba spends a lot of time meditating in silence, observing. Smoking, plunges him into this meditative state. He recounts his life from before, when he was a salesman with always the need to over consume. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl_occitanie @hl_latinamerica @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest @hl.benelux _

© Adrien Blondel | HL @adrien_blondel _ Curated by @kalelkoven _ KENYA - THE MAASAI OF NAMUNCHA // Three women sitting in a car. Namuncha. Kenya. October 2016. _ Affiliated HL accounts: @hl.marseille @hl.lille @hl.mediterranee @hl.benelux @hl_occitanie @hl_latinamerica @hl.grandest @hl_grand_ouest _

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