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Steven Weisbach

, Germany based 🏡 ➖ I I Currently: as much as possible 🌍🛫 ➖

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Eibsee, Bayern, Germany

Spend your weekend in the mountains and go hiking with good friends is always the best option. w/ @nick__237


Seeing the incredible landscape of hunza with all those rough peaks in every direction you’re looking at is one of the most impressive feelings I’ve had. Big thanks to the whole team of @tacwrk for supporting me with good hiking equipment. Werbung/ad. . . 📸: @kuhrmarvin

Hunza Valley

Next photo from Pakistan. Would you dare to walk on this bridge? Of course it was a bit sketchy but that’s the only way to a little remote village on the other side. On my way trough the mountains I was wearing the @tatonkacom Yukon 50+10 Hiking Backpack. -Werbung/ad- Thanks @kuhrmarvin for taking the photo

Hunza, Northern Areas, Pakistan

A small lake and a calm morning with a great reflection. I was there the day before I took the shot. Sadly it was too windy. The next day I woke up and received there was no wind. So I decided going on a morning run to photograph the sunrise at the lake.


Here we go. 🇵🇰 First photo from my latest trip to Pakistan with @hunzaonfoot @kuhrmarvin and @wheresjpnow What should I say.. the landscape is something else. Mind blowing would describe it in the best way. On my way to the sunrise spot I ran along the road (yes, I went out jogging in the morning 😜) till I spotted the bridge down in the valley. Later, together with @kuhrmarvin ,I came back and we took some photos while a little car crossed the bridge. . Btw: All my experiences I’ll wrap into a good story and write a blog about it. Stay tuned 👊🏻


One last photo before I’ll start with my Pakistan series. Found that little dock and a calm reflection close to our camping spot during the event w/ @thenorthfacede Home can be so beautiful!


-Anzeige- Sleeping under the stars and have a campfire with good music. What a great start into the new camping season. Together with @kuhrmarvin I was part of a great @thenorthfacede event.


Back from an amazing weekend full of action. A beautiful national park in the northern part of germany - hikers, runners - tents and a campfire. Was so worth it to turn of the phone for 48h. @thenorthfacede

Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze

Werbung/ad We had a cold but cosy stay in our igloo. Luckily the sleeping bags did their jobs quite nice. We had the chance to watch a beautiful sunrise the next morning and enjoyed the sunny winter wonderland. was my companion during the journey – do you have any experiences with the device? Let me know it in the comments! Also check out the whole campaign via the link from @notebooksbilliger in my bio @Surface_Deutschland

Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze

Werbung/ad After we captured some great shots of the moonrise, I made myself comfortable in the igloo. I just clicked the Type Cover on my to use it as a full laptop and quickly started editing the photos. Of course I enjoyed some good music with my Surface Headphones while editing 😉 Life is good! Take a look at the whole campaign via the link in my bio from @notebooksbilliger @Surface_Deutschland Photo: @ronnyfri

Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze

Werbung/ad – that´s the motto of the road trip, invited me to. On my journey, I spent one night in a very special place: an igloo village on top of Germany´s highest mountain Zugspitze. My goal was to photograph the supermoonrise and I used my new to directly edit the photos after the shooting. I will share some more impressions from my road trip with the device during the next days! Meanwhile hop over to the link in my bio from @notebooksbilliger to learn more about the campaign. @surface_deutschland

Harz National Park

In the heart of the Harz national park you can find this church. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century. ⛪️

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