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Inventioncompany who makes advanced firearms solutions. Makers of the most extensive line of tactical mounts and numerous other firearms Accessories!

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Lisbon Naval Base

Portuguese Marines working with their Spuhr upgraded G3 rifles! with the upgrades they also Got Aimpoint sights!

Repost from stickgunner!

It’a not preferred, but after removing cheekpiece you can perfectly Well use the iron sighs.

Portuguise Navy have after extensive testing adopted our upgrade kit for G3. The testing was very interesting as it consisted of a number of two meter drops into steel and that is what literally killed the competition!

Hi shorty lovers! Is this short enough? Spuhr superior G3 upgrade system on MC51, forend is actually MP5 forend. Small amount of those guns was made in early 90th and late eighties for SAS. Here it is kitted but kitted with our gear!

Great pic of a friend shooting his G36c, here fitted with our forend and magwell. Photo by Chris Clifton.

There is a really good Facebook group for active and ex Gunsmiths and gunmakers. It’s NOT open to happy hobbyists and friends! If you are a gunsmith or gunmaker, please apply in the group!

Five axis machining and robot change of parts. Here is the MP5 stockadapter for Spuhr stock.

Production of MP5 Spuhr stockadapters by the thousands for a big Police contract.

Swedish military M203 kit fitted with Spuhr Forend and Spuhr grenadelauncher sight. Main purpose is to be able to aim in low or no light. Also Accuracy is seriously increased.

Our Stock for G3 in service with the Swedish Army on AK4c

Repost from @sandmangoespewpew - Still rocking the @switchviewusa throw lever on my @schmidtandbender PM2... Really legit design with the foldable feature so you don’t bust your knuckles when running the bolt gun on low power... Check out their website and you can get one custom for almost any low or High variable power glass 💯🇺🇸 - - ————— @surgeonrifles @accuracy_international_ltd @accuracyinternational @schmidtandbender @airarmortech

In most cases the 10 degree wedge fits most scopes if you just rotate the paralaxknob or move the scope back or forward. Here is Steiner M7xi. 4-28 in our SP-4011 mount on a Impact precision 6mm XC. But in this case I want the scope as much forward as possible and I had to file a small cut in the wedge. Don’t be afraid to file the wedge, you are not filing at the surface where you use wedge.

I really don’t like to have to install a picrail on the top of a steelrail.... But those .22 actions are to short so extended picrails are a must! This rail is a oneoff rail where action got drilled and tapped as nogunsmith solutions usally are noworking solutions.

Five axis Millingmachinr runs forends for Heckler & Koch G3 rifles. What you see here is engraving followed by measuring the engravingtool after so it’s still good to go.

Spuhr BAM (Ballistic Adjustment Mount) with Aimpoint M5, 3x and 6x. Ballistic adjustable out to 1000 meter.

From today hostagesituation in belgium! #

Swedish Navy’s Boarding team provides cover from a heli. Photo: @bordningsstyrkan

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