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The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table, hosted by Francis Lam, is public radio's food program & podcast. The show for curious cooks and eaters.

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You need to make Madeleines. @odettewilliams shared her recipe and you’ll find it on our site - splendid table dot org. 📷: @nicole_franzen

The Splendid Table

Splendid Gothic?! @alisoneroman recently stopped by our NYC studios to talk summer eating & cooking with @francis_lam. That conversation was great fun (don’t let that photo fool you!) and will make you want to cook. Listen for it in July. 📷: Erika Romero

@shaunasever talks to @francis_lam about the beginning of the late Maida Heatter’s prolific cookbook career. Listen for their full conversation about Maida - coming to your public radio stations & podcast queue soon. ❤️❤️❤️ ✍️: Alice Oehr

Food historian @kitchenbee is fascinated by both the positive and negatives effects social media has had on food and eating. Listen to her full interview in our latest Splendid Table Selects episode "The Way We Eat Now."

We’re heartbroken to learn that Chef Leah Chase has passed away. She was a bright light, and we had the great privilege to meet her, and record her story in 2013. 📷: @splendidjen

So this happened today. We hung out with the lovely, legendary Madhur Jaffrey - and recorded an extended conversation that you’ll find in your podcast queues June 14th. Don’t miss it! 📷: Erika Romero

You’ll find the recipe for this gorgeous Greens Cheesecake - from our friends at @joebeefofficial - it’s on our website splendid table dot org. So go check it out. 📷: @jennifermayphotography

You’ll find the recipe for this Three-Layer Condensed Milk Cake from @deenaprichep & @zaichik13’s Kachka - on our website at Splendid Table dot org. 📷: @leelacyd

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, and in conjunction with our colleagues at APM’s @calltomindnow we are creating content that looks at the intersection of food & mental health. This weekend’s episode features a conversation w/ restaurateur @joebeefmtl about substance use, sobriety & support in the restaurant industry. Activist @virgietovar talks about the role fat discrimination, shame & image have played in her life. And writer @stephcarmstrong shares her story about living with an eating disorder. Download the podcast wherever you like to find your podcasts. And in our recent Splendid Table Selects podcast, guest @drewramseymd talks about the important connection between food & brain health. Download & listen to both podcasts - and let’s continue the conversations.

Do you have a favorite cocktail? It’s evidently so we thought we’d load your feed with pretty pics of some of our favorites. Head to splendid table dot org to browse all of our cocktail recipes, or share photos of yours. Cheers! 🍸🍹 🥃

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, @drewramseymd talks with @shaunasever about food's connection to brain health, and how nutrition and psychiatry work together to improve brain function. Full interview on Splendid Table Selects:

If you don’t know Dahi Toast, head to our website and get acquainted. 📷: Mackenzie Kelley

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