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Nick Chen

Firearms Enthusiast/Aficionado, Product Photographer, Gun blog writer. all content is original by me unless stated.

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playing in her “rocket ship” I drew an instrument panel based off a Cessna 152.

Deven of @vertac_mfceo @_vertac didn’t have a helmet for his peasant PVS14 so I lent him my dual PVS14s with L3 Filmless White Phosphor. @modlitesystems

3200 FOM with @wilcoxindustries thanks to Eric of @_vertac for letting me check them out. Mine are great but his are better. LOL. But the difference is not staggering. It’s like 2600 lumens vs 3200 lumens. They are still bright. oh and he is checking out the COTI.

on the MP5. This is not eyesafe. it is only 3mw but an eyesafe Laser is normally 0.7mw. Cool piece of @surefire_llc history. But the beam is super noisy. It looks like a star burst.

I meant @streamlightinc not Surefire. But you know what I’m talking about. @olightworld

Well what have we got here. @kungwarren helped score this for hella good deal. Meanwhile some cuck on FB wanted four Benjamins. Ummm no not when we got it for a fraction of that.

Foam airplanes are better than cheap RC airplanes. For starters they are cheaper and don’t get carried away by the wind over the power lines and off into the next block forever lost. Fun times for my third with

I did a double take when I saw this. Had to take a picture. @czusafirearms

Light up the darkness with @modlitesystems thanks to @ex_civ for standing still.

@krissusainc makes for a very customizable platform. ’m using the @knsprecisioninc MCX picatinny adapter to attach my MPX folding stock onto the @firearmblog

Initial test. @atncorp was zeroed at 400 yards. I used the ATN laser range finder to paint the steel target at 216 yards. It told the and it calculates a firing solution for me. 6.5 Creedmoor.

So this is what I could see in the @atncorp 566 yard cold bore shot on steel. I used the ATN laser range finder to tell the how far the target was and it calculated my POA.

Testing the ballistic calculator and synced laser range finder on the @atncorp it is zeroed at 400 yards and I tested the ballistic calculator at 200 yards. Then backed up to 566 yards. Cold bore first shot hit steel.

I doubt this is remotely zeroed to the barrel. LOL

Finally got a complete watch. I bought the gray one years ago but it was kissing the scope and silencer. Also the wrist bands go bad so I replaced it with a generic one.

Make toy guns fun again. These are watches.

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