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French artist who knows a bit about business, design, technology, and how to raise a cool kid. 🇮🇹 > 🇫🇷 > 🇺🇸 > 🇹🇼

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Dongmen Day-Time Market

Braised sashimi beef noodle 😋

One week ago. Don’t drink and speak with your hands kids.

Today I think about....

I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.

Most civilized smoking room at the Grand Hotel. Elizabeth Taylor and Charles Bronson were here.


西門町 Ximenting

It’s raining like so let’s eat some shaved ice cream.

A friend is visiting from Tokyo so I’m showing her around.

Dongmen Station

I like the rain, especially at night. It’s an integral part of Taiwan. It feeds the plants and makes the lights sparkle. Rain is good for the soul.

NTU Hospital

Nice and clean. No insurance so it’s very expensive - $70 for everything including antibiotics.

WARNING. GORE. At the ER because I cut my thumb while chilling and breaking a martini glass by accident.


大安森林公園 Da An Forest Park

Muslim fair. Food everywhere. Aisha steals the show.

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