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Firearms, parts, and accessories.

Shield Arms (@shield.arms) Instagram photos and videos

List of Instagram medias taken by Shield Arms (@shield.arms)

Agency G17 with all the upgrades, including our +5 πŸ“· by @sagedynamics

Glock 19 OWB range setup from @bravoconcealment

Black SIG P320 +5 extensions back in stock! These fit both the 15 and 17 round mags, standard and X grip modules

All the mods, including our +5 extension from @gerberjeff30 πŸ”₯

Red on black is a nice touch πŸ“· by @_zerodark30

If you've been waiting on gold, it's time. G19/23 and G26/27.

Pretty sweet rig from @gerberholsters featuring two of our +5 extensions

Plenty of spare ammo courtesy @theneomag and our +5 extensions πŸ‘Š

Check out this full custom G19 with our +5 extension from @louthangunworks. Nice work fellas!

Glock 43 EDC with a Shield Arms +2 from @_zerodark30

CZ P07 with 21 rounds on deck! 2 more days to get in on the Father's Day sale with the discount code DAD. πŸ“· by @unr8d_actual

Black on OD πŸ”₯ from @_zerodark30

Grey man EDC from @eg_bosss

Father's Day sale starts now, use code DAD at checkout to save 15% on extensions, slides, barrels, and the SA-15 built on the Shield Arms Folding Lower Receiver

One of my favorite CZ P10C builds with a Shield Arms +5 from @sunbaskinalaskan

@sagedynamics ・・・ I get asked about base pads a lot. @shield.arms is my clear go-to these days. There are others (a small few) out there that are all around reliable, but you can’t beat the simplicity and reliability of the Shield Arms design across multiple magazine types.

Glock 19, upgraded. πŸ“· by @gentle_ted

When 15 rounds isn't enough πŸ“· by @gerberholsters

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