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Scotchman Industries, Inc

The most TRUSTED ironworker manufacturer in the USA! Increase efficiency & your bottom line with a QUALITY Metal Fabricating Solution.


+1 6058592542

180 E US 14 Philip, South Dakota

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👉Hot we are blessed with awesome end users! Check out this badass video created by @customsheetmetalofde 👊 ・・・ Big Shoutout to @scotchmanind from @customsheetmetalofde . We use there machines everyday with out a problem top notch Made in America equipment scotchmanind ✅Notch ✅Punch ✅Shear ✅Bend ... 🇺🇸made . • • • @customsheetmetalofde ・・・

Philip, South Dakota

Factory tour day here for a group of about 50 North Dakota farmer’s union members. ...I hope they enjoyed it, cause we definitely did! We always enjoy showing people what’s inside this big white building on the prairie. 👨‍🏭🇺🇸💪 • • •

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We recently trained our newest distributor in Dubai UAE! Thanks for your hospitality @yes_machinery and we’re looking forward to a long partnership. ... 🇦🇪 🇺🇸

Scotchman Industries Inc

New employee training today! He looks like a natural. . . . Carter in our customer service department had a surprise visit from his 7.5 month old little man this morning. I think they are both keepers! . . .

Doesn’t everyone dream about Scotchman equipment like @garageboundllc does?! If not, I wish you did. 😉 If you DO... pull the trigger already and sleep easy knowing your machine is & ! PLUS, you’ll be supporting American and the 80+ men and women who put their , sweat, and tears into building them. (Rarely I promise as we have very good safety record/RIR—knock on wood!) Call us anytime during the work week. I guarantee you’ll have a knowledgeable human to speak to! 605-859-2542 🇺🇸👨‍🏭

Fort Worth, Texas

Give yourself a competitive advantage and use the right tool for the job. ・・・ Watch our customer @scramblerj from TX Punching slotted holes in flat stock at his job site with his PortaFab-45 @scotchmanind ironworker. 👊👊 • This machine is portable, versatile, and designed for operation at your job site! Plus, it uses 110-volt power for added convenience! ...—you can charge your phone in the same outlet as you run your machine 😲 . . . . 👉45-tons of punching power! >> 1-1/8” hole in 1/2” steel 👉angle shear >> 3”x3”x5/16” @ 90 >> 2”x2”x1/4” @ 45 👉bar shear >> 3/8”x6” 👉rod shear >>3/4” round 👉3 YEAR WARRANTY 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 • • • • — variety of optional tools available: brakes, pipe Notcher, rectangle or vee-Notcher, tube shear, picket tool, and more! All USA made. •

Chattanooga State Community College

👀Check out what @garageboundllc spotted in the welding lab at @chattstate! • Thanks for sharing Michael, but I almost didn’t recognize you without your goggles.👨‍🏭😎 • 🇺🇸

Having our AngleMaster saw called a magical unicorn🦄 is like the BEST THING EVER!. • 👉Check out the video of it on our customer @lyman_morse profile. 👉See the wicked sailing yachts they build too 😍 ・・・ Like buttah! We recently bought an @scotchmanind Anglemaster Upcut Circular Saw for the Fab Shop and it’s like a magical 🦄. This machine has revolutionized the speed and accuracy with which we can cut repetitive pieces of metal. With tolerances within thousands of an inch, this tool alone has been priceless in the fabrication of the 40+ floats we are currently building for an international aquaculture farm. • Thanks for the love and I hope she’s a BEAST in your shop for years to come 👊.. • •

South Dakota

Um... I should probably get home before it’s too late. ..but I’m

Just cause.. love it or leave it.

Scotchman Industries Inc

It’s time to get the show on the road. After weeks of having our heat treat down, loads of tooling sent off to get hardened, and numerous headaches our boss man said enough is enough and personally drove it to New Jersey to get repaired. He drove 3,300 miles round trip in 7 days and today is the day we get back to normal. 🤞

Scotchman Industries Inc

Clean, fast, burr-free cuts with repeatable accuracy. USA made circular cold saw. . 👉Double self centering vise 👉yes it can miter too 👉variable speed motor 11-177 RPM 👉3-year warranty 👉USA MADE 🇺🇸 . . 🇺🇸

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