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Hudson Yards New York

My first visit to @hudsonyards. It must be seen to be believed. Next visit, with the children! X, SJ

Today you are 10. And I could spend hours remembering all the moments between your arrival and today. Happy birthday you decaders! I love you. X, Mama

June 22nd, 2019 10 years of a brand new love. Sisters. You turned our lives inside out and upside down, filled and continue to fill all the remaining space with endless surprises, romance, sentimentality, art and a bounty of a sort of love we didn't even know we were missing. We wouldn't want to imagine our world without you. Happy birthday dearest and darling daughters. We love you so. X, Mama

On Tuesday evening June 19th, @claireadamwriter won the prestigious Desmond Elliott Prize for first-time novelists with her “electrifying” debut Golden Child!!!! I'm so proud of Claire and hope all my fellow readers who haven't yet, allow yourself the privilege of knowing this extraordinary author and being inside the pages of her "Golden Child". X, SJ

to that moment 10 years ago when a certain little fellow meets the gracious and lovely Daniel Radcliff and he allows that that same certain little fellow to wear and hold THE glasses and THE wand. X, SJ

I sure hope NY lawmakers pass this. X, SJ

Finally. Live. Right now. The official SJP Collection online store. It’s just been that kind of weekend. X, SJ

2nd leg whistle stop! All aboard the @SJPCollection train as we head to @mallofamerica in Minneapolis. We land in time to shower, pick a new pair of shoes, shine ourselves up and see you around 4pm in our brand new MOA boutique. Come one, come all! X, Sj

Mini @sjpcollection whistle stop. All aboard! First stop, Edmonton. I’ll be at @official_wem tomorrow at 4pm working the sales floor and meeting as many of you as possible in the brand new boutique. And I’m bringing all of our brand new shoes that just arrived from Italy. I’d love nothing more than to see those smiling Canadian faces. X, SJ

The rising sun meets rising 5th graders on this last day of 4th grade. X,SJ

Oh dear. There is an app. Have card. Will travel. X,SJ Update For those that didn't catch the #-the app is call Real Mah Jong

Goodbye heavy backpack. Goodbye bus pass. Goodbye lab report. Goodbye Humanities paper. Goodbye finals. Goodbye wonderful teachers. Goodbye Sophmore year. Hello summer. X,SJ

West Village NYC Sidewalk beach. Al fresco office. Permission granted to post. Thanks Aaron and Zack. Best of luck with the frozen treat startup. X,SJ

I'm just wondering if anyone might like to go shoe shopping with me in New York City? I’ll fly in you and a friend to meet me at one of our @SJPCollection NYC boutiques. Of course I will send you both home with 2 pairs of shoes on me! Best of all and most importantly you'll be supporting the amazing and vital work of Opening Act. Visit to enter for all details and your chance to win. Break a leg! X, SJ @omazeworld

The corner of Greenwich Ave and 7th Ave South NYC A green space just a whole lot greener. X,SJ

From the heart of the West Village, NYC She will return. X,SJ

Israel. Part 3. X, SJ

Israel Part 2. X, SJ

A visit to Israel. Part 1 Too many photos to chose among. Too many wonderful memories wanting to share. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and all the roads in between. The small roads, lanes and unnamed alley ways. The dizzying sights, architecture, graffiti, fruit and vegetables. The museum's, the homes we were so graciously invited into. The lives and stories shared. But always the people. Our nimble, patient, smart informed and lovely guides , I hope they are now resting. And all who we met along the way from all backgrounds and religions who offered a bounty of hospitality, information, shortcuts, backroads, their favorite spots to eat, to walk, to see, to know better. And to our new friends who let us squeeze into their car and opened doors we didn't know were available, I thank you. It was a privilege and a lifetime of memories. X, SJ

She is indeed Lovely. And has been for over a decade. I'm always so touched by how many of you continue to make her a part of your life. This @sjpbeauty Lovely set is available for purchase now at @Kohls, while supplies last. This one's going to my mother. Have a lovely weekend. X, SJ ​

June 1st, 2019 Rabbit rabbit X,SJ

A night in London I will never forget. A beautifully skillful, delicate, heartbreaking and humorous performance by my husband surrounded by exquisite performances from the supremely talented cast. Kenneth Lonergan's " A Starry Messenger" is a most sublime and touching evening in the theatre. Limited run Wyndhams Theatre With pride and great hope you can join the cheering audiences. X, SJ

Shiver inducing. Tear creating. Joy making. Admiration multiplying. Loop playing. The tender stylings of the sublime @bridgeteverett and the supple vocal techniques of the legend @pattilupone Way to bring home the weekend ladies. X, SJ

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