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Welcome to KTL! I'm Sara, the owner. Our vibrant community is full of enthusiastic students, dedicated teachers, and supportive family & friends. 🎵


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1895 NW 169th Pl Beaverton, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon

Recitals are done and summer has started! Leora gives every performer a rose after they play, which means we have dozens of roses in our home beforehand. 🌹💐🎶😁

Keys to Life Music School

It’s June ☀️ and in celebration this photo series features a surprise June bug. Now it’s not a surprise. Photos are of Bela singing at a recital, Sara’s ASA Gala gig at the Zoo, our newest UpStartRock band playing together, Iris Lynn-a student who performed at the Dollyhoot with @lindsiefeathers and her dad Rob, a KTL Faculty Band member, plus the June bug that secured itself to my finger while I was practicing this week.

Portland, Oregon

Get focused and practice, dear students 🧐 the formal recitals are coming up! 🗓 East side is 6/8 and West side is 6/15.

Northeast, Portland

My big thanks to everyone who came out to the show last week! Thank you to the performers, roadies, parents, friends, and staff at the White Eagle! Thank you for the donations too- it helped make the event that much more successful! Cheers and Hurrah, Everybody! (And thanks to @akochiek for this pic :)

The White Eagle

Tag your photos from the UpStartRock Showcase and Singer’s Jam 👉🏼

Portland, Oregon

Happy Mothers Day! Beaucoup love and appreciation to all the mothers I know-and don’t know-for their hard work and dedication to do the right thing! It ain’t easy! 💝

Portland, Oregon

The KTL Faculty are more than just a talented group of musicians and educators, they’re genuinely good people with great attitudes and exceptional professionalism. It’s an honor to work with you and have you as part of KTL. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day/Week!

Portland, Oregon

Join Miss Bronwyn (pictured here rockin’ a tambourine) for Seeds of Harmony preschool classes this summer! 👉🏼 At our NE location and various schools around PDX. 🙋🏼‍♀️Want to have SEEDS at your preschool? Email

We close out the school year with a variety of performances so mark your calendars! ✔️May 11th east side mini-recital ✔️May 18th UpStartRock Showcase and Singer’s Jam ✔️June 8th East Side formal recital ✔️June 15th West Side formal.

Portland, Oregon

There’s still time to sign up for camp!🙌🏼✔️ The weeks of 7/15 and 8/19. Link to sign up in the bio↖️ ✔️Expand your child’s musical horizons in a nurturing environment. They’ll make new friends that share their passion for music!🎶

Keys to Life’s (technically) first student, my daughter Leora, turned 12 yesterday! 🥳 We love you and are truly proud of who you are! 💖💖🐛🦋💖💖

🎉Photos from the Karaoke Concert! 🎉See more on the KTL Facebook Page. @bronwyn.c.j @dchoidrums @gnsmalin @whiteeaglesaloon @tweeqim @akochiek @robinkornblit @hannah_kornblit

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