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Rob Evans

Bio IG ACCOUNT OF BOXER/PERSONAL TRAINER ROB EVANS. 🇮🇪🇸🇳 all other inquiries email me

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image by Rob Evans (@robjamesevans) with caption : "It all started with #givenchy so I guess here’s a picture of that show to end it. I was 22 fresh out of the boxing gym, " - 1716946584284787109
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It all started with so I guess here’s a picture of that show to end it. I was 22 fresh out of the boxing gym, Wasn’t even signed as a model, and didn’t know what givenchy was, I just heard Paris because I had never traveled before so took it. If I knew then what I know now, I would have left it at that. “Never give up your passion for something that seems better at the time, you well only regret it years later. My advice to anyone that gets in to the industry, is just have fun and ride that wave, don’t try change it. because no model can change that industry, it’s up to the casting directors,the bookers, the fashion houses. And truth be told they ain’t gonna change shit. “Stop dying to get into an industry that will drop you the second that dollar sign is no longer on your forehead, So just have fun with it. My career technically lasted two and half years. And looking back now, I achieved a few things and hopefully opened some doors. My career would have lasted a-LOT longer, if I was a doormat, but I would rather be 6ft under before I do that. Never change who you are, because you’ll be told too 🤷🏾‍♂️. Anyway I’m done ✅ 100. Regardless of all the BS. there’s been lessons I take from it all. I got new plans 😉✌🏾. Get knocked down 8 times get up 9. Watch 🕰. P.s. please don’t read this post as a negative post, I appreciate everything the industry has done, the travel,meeting new people, the LESSONS Etc. I guess I’m more mad at myself for not sticking to what I was doing before. So like I said, any one that’s new to it have fun,milk it,travel the world. And just play it all like a game of chest, be one step ahead. So when they do drop you, you. An smile because you used them the way they used you to have something sit up after modelling . 💫🙏🏾


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I’ve been lacking a bit of lately “can’t lie” 🤕. One off my training partners is gonna help that “fix up”. Don’t let her cute,innocent I wouldn’t do anything wrong face fool you tho. 😅. When we spar, unless you throw a punch back, your getting beat up. . Beast. 🥊 @roseanna_cox


image by Rob Evans (@robjamesevans) with caption : "Happy new year to my Chinese friends 🙏🏾. #oneofmyfavouriteculturesintheworld." - 1716003517251817454
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Happy new year to my Chinese friends 🙏🏾. .

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G.O.A.T if your gonna have inspirations,role models and idols. Make them people like this man.

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One more. I literally can’t sleep.

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We all know them kinda people. 😂 to much internet for one night. G night.