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Not gonna be many city shots coming up, more nature stuff when I’m up north!!

Oldie from the darkness album on the website!

Reflections n car trails 🚘

Another from the city, finally got this spot with no people in the frame!!

Guess what made the reflection 🤔

Toronto, Ontario

Ghost town 🌫🌫

Toronto trip!!

Toronto, Ontario

Just looking at this picture makes me feel cold, thank for warm weather :)

I need new spoooooots pls

Gotta love a good bando day

This was the first portrait with Gloria :))

Site is updated, take a look in my bio!

Moooody weather ☁️☂️

Big Dave makes another appearance 👀👀

Stumbled upon one of the first spots I ever shot in Toronto, it’s crazy it feels like just yesterday. Remember this one @prlncey ?!!!

I’m over the cold now, let’s get some moody spring pictures ⛈☔️

I spend too much time at this spot, only cool place in ux 🤷‍♂️

Industrial 👀

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