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Bio visual artist + photographer + writer + creative director + consultant + poet —————————————————— ———————————

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 image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "Isolating ourselves can help us focus on our own work and path. By isolation I don’t mean cutting out loved ones and int" - 1987888514143171306

Isolating ourselves can help us focus on our own work and path. By isolation I don’t mean cutting out loved ones and interactions with those close to us or turning a blind eye to the larger happenings around us, but simply the noise that one can be exposed to day in and day out. While supporting and encouraging our peers is a wonderful part of being an artist and something everybody should do wholeheartedly, sometimes, not knowing every detail and simply doing our own thing can be a better, more fruitful experience towards self-growth. Although living in constant ‘industry’ isolation is not something I’d recommend, as everybody thrives in a different environment, I have personally derived a lot of value and growth from not being in the so-called ‘scene’. It has helped me set my own rules and guidelines about the projects I take up and reject. It has allowed me to build a family of companions I call my biggest supporters, critics and friends, many of whom are not related to my line of work. It has also helped me understand, over time, the type of creator, artist and person I want to be, through my work and through my being. ————————————————————————


I see a lot of people questioning what the people in their life are doing for them and seldom is the question turned towards what are you doing for the people in your life. When was the last time you asked somebody how they are feeling, really asked how they are doing or called them up not to launch into a monologue of where you are in life, your learnings and thoughts but asked about how their life was going, whether they are okay, if they need help with anything? Many a times as humans we have a tendency to think about “This was done to me,” rather than thinking about “How is their heart, where are they in life, what could their struggles be?” Cultivating gentleness and empathy is a lifelong practise. - Capturing moments of pure love on a wonderful evening. Photographer | @rhea.gupte Models | @shveshve & Arya Stylist | @jahnvibansal Client | @ekaco ——————————————————————


Skinned to the skin. Discarded the crown, The stilts, the magic potions. Bare to the bone Tears roar, Skins shiver, Cuts bleed, Minds speak. Words upon words, Unskimmed, untethered, Poetry in flow. So satisfying to watch my work laid out from my laptop to real life. Swipe through to see. ^_^ Thank you for having my thoughts and my art @lakmefashionwk and @floatingcanvasco. Thank you @iamackash for the images from the exhibition. ————————————————————————

 image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "Finding beauty in the unexpected — I am unaware if I began this journey by consciously cultivating it or simply, natural" - 1969036976746616757

Finding beauty in the unexpected — I am unaware if I began this journey by consciously cultivating it or simply, naturally seeing beauty in the so-called mundane from the very beginning. As a photographer I like to challenge what I portray and challenge the social norms attached to beauty. It makes me question whether portraying beauty is even important. Also the questions of — Beauty for whom? Mundane for whom? Our thoughts are a perception formed through our own individual background, exposure, taste. These thoughts have led me on a journey towards portraying more and more of what I find emotionally engaging, vulnerable, thought-provoking. These thoughts also make me feel and ask myself, can anybody have a truly balanced view of anything anybody creates? Or do we simply align with what moves our heart strings and what levels up with where we are in our personal growth? Is something, that doesn’t match where we individually, aesthetically, emotionally, academically are, to be discarded or can we still appreciate it? Can having too much information and being too reflective cripple one from creating anything at all? ————————————————————————


My new series SKINNED is being exhibited at Lakme Fashion Week Studio Gallery, Mumbai starting today till the 3rd of February, commissioned by @lakmefashionwk and @floatingcanvasco. Through imagery and poetry, Skinned explores the beauty of being bare. Without an external layer which society and at times we define ourselves by, this series creates a parallel between humans and the photographed subjects. In an age where appearances are a formidable part of one's being, be it on social media or in real life, the series attempts to create an emotional dialogue into understanding each other at a deeper level by having inanimate objects discard their outer layer to reveal their bare selves. ————————————————————————

 image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "I have realised I am growth-minded. Everything I do in life, I want to be a consequence of and the result for constantly" - 1965980437433499252

I have realised I am growth-minded. Everything I do in life, I want to be a consequence of and the result for constantly growing. I may think about something in one way right now, but I’m open to learning, making mistakes, admitting to my mistakes, narrating my stories and sharing my struggles. It has made me realise how life and success are mainly about self-growth and exploration. A challenging situation always teaches me more than a smooth-sailing one, it also equips me to handle the next challenge with a calm mindset and an openness to learning rather than rejecting the situation I am in. As I grow older I can see myself growing mentally and coming closer to who I want to be through consistent observations and rectifications. Developing my mind, so I react to every situation thrown at me, in a calm and rational way is one of my personal parameters for my success, especially in a way where it isn’t forced or escapist, instead, training myself to the point where it is a natural and default flow of my mind, words and being. — BLOOM from my Wandering Mind series — ————————————————————————


I get asked a lot of times about the equipment I use to create my work. While it is a valid question which I am happy to answer, I feel image making is not about the kind of camera one uses. It is about the emotions you feel and the emotions you want to portray, the reality you see and the reality or fantasy you wish to portray, the thoughts you feel and the interpretations you want to portray. It is about creating something with what you see in front of you or with your imagination. Envisioning something in a way that comes honestly to you from your mind and heart. Photography, Styling, Conceptualisation and Creative Direction by @rhea.gupte Hair and Makeup by @nummmzzz Product Curation by @divya._.hegde Modelling by Tiffany { Tiff I can’t find your Instagram handle, please text me if you see this so I can credit :) } Client @400_things PS: So nice to see this baby, 400 THINGS, featured in the anniversary issue of Elle India. Read the full article at ————————————————————————


Red Pill Blue Pill | I created this series inspired by the concept of the red and blue pill in the movie, The Matrix, where the protagonist is given a choice between continuing on in the quest for a plausible truth or being blissfully ignorant. Even away from the fantastical world of the movie, human beings are faced with this choice on a daily basis even in our mundane lives, be it with reference to the political and social climate, our personal lives or while exploring the depths of our being. Everyday, we make the decision between red or blue. The artworks presented in pairs are a personal reminder of what we might choose at an individual level. I translated this concept into my work by using the colours as a driving force juxtaposed with fluid abstract forms. Happy to have a part of this series published in print and online in one of my favourite indie art magazines Slevin. ^_^ ————————————————————————


A bunch of my new art was added onto {} last month. If any of you would like to have my artwork in your spaces and homes, do take a look at them on the above website. You can purchase these through affordable monthly instalments making art accessible to more people. In case you’d like to buy these outright, write to me at I will be adding on more to the shop soon, lots of dreamy pastels coming up. And yes, the Escape On An Aeropoane series is on there too! ————————————————————————

 image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "A digital artwork from last year which I am planning to expand into a series soon. ^_^
I recently saw a few Instagram st" - 1956747094988790331

A digital artwork from last year which I am planning to expand into a series soon. ^_^ I recently saw a few Instagram stories put up by a few people I follow where they asked how much time their followers spend on Instagram daily. The answers ranged from 10 minutes to an alarming 10 hours. (How is that even possible?) Is Instagram enabling work or are we enabling Instagram to make more money by simply being mindlessly active on this platform? I have personally enjoyed building a small community here but not at the cost of my daily goals and what I wish to accomplish. I usually set aside about 5 hours a week to figure out what work and thoughts I want to share, what I want to write, portion out time to write back to people who write to me and of course to browse through and support all the talented people I follow. Having a time guideline helps me not end up getting swallowed up by the stream of content, no matter how thought provoking and inspiring, and to move on to the other aspects of my life and being. Overall I also want to reduce my phone usage to just an hour a day on weekdays (excluding personal and work calls - including Instagram, meditation, texting friends and family, playing games etc) and on weekends to fifteen minutes maximum. If you feel this is something that might add value to your lives and want to join me in this or your version of this, let’s stay in touch and motivate each other, only in our stipulated time. ^_^ ————————————————————————


I was commissioned to photograph a story which explores Goa through my eyes. Goa, beyond expansive beaches and vast green fields is a kaleidoscope of wondrous colours and architectural detail. Shingled rooftops, tiled nameplates and swaying clotheslines give a personality to these streets beyond mere aesthetics. Having a completely open brief, I decided to put the focus on capturing windows as a way into the lives lived inside them. Thank you for having me on this project @stylistjoet and @mylittlecupboard and giving me the opportunity to walk by myself with my camera to create some of my favourite travel portraits till date. ————————————————————————

 image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "Today I’d like to ask you to share, if you’re comfortable, something you have learnt from your grandparents or older peo" - 1953823729256999166

Today I’d like to ask you to share, if you’re comfortable, something you have learnt from your grandparents or older people in general. My grandparents were a treasure trove of learning for me. From my grandfather I learnt to be a disciplinarian. Even post his retirement he followed a schedule which included daily exercise, reading and writing time, a systematic chore schedule and a daily nimbu pani (lemonade) break. From my grandmother I learnt to tidy and use reading as ‘me’ time. Way before Marie Kondo, my grandmother would make sure that every part of her life was sorted and tidy, from maintaining accounts to making sure every object in the house had its own home. Every afternoon, she would lie down for about half an hour and indulge in reading time just for herself and as a way to relax. Someday I would enjoy writing down everything they have passed on to me through their teachings and simply their existence in my life. I enjoy shooting portraits of elderly people as their eyes communicate so much wisdom and depth, I wish I had shot portraits of my grandparents too. This is a portrait of Mrs. Braganza from the beautiful Braganza-Menezes House in Chandor, Goa shot for @cntravellerindia.————————————————————————


I realised a couple of years ago that being busy is not a badge of honour. One is busy when they aren’t able to fill time themselves but when things take over their time. Living your time lushly, fully is when one cleanly places everything in the day within calm pockets of time. No matter if the entire day is filled with things to do, you go seamlessly from one task to the other with a feeling of fullness and that of ‘having’ enough time. That’s how I like to live life and consciously work towards making it happen every single day. I applied this thought process to the latest volume I conceptualised for 400 THINGS. With 400 Treasures, we want to take a step back and look at the world as if time wasn’t passing but was present for us to enjoy, to make time for art and to take time for ourselves. This volume is about celebrating labours of love created through solemn passages of time, each one made with painstaking care, minute detail and superior craftsmanship. Each one, truly a treasure.  Creative Direction, Styling & Conceptualisation by @rhea.gupte Photography by @rachelsantosphoto Hair & Makeup by @anuritachandrappa Model @devdweltz at @animacreatives Product Curation by @divya._.hegde Client @400_things ————————————————————————


I feel being creative is in how you lead your life. In the food you cook daily, in the errands you run, in the type of problem solving you do, in the life decisions you make, in the way you think. Creativity is creative thinking, thinking differently and thinking beyond the norm. It is not restricted to what is traditionally associated with art in terms of being a painter, sculptor or doing arts and craft, it is and can be in every occupation, every profession and in every life. Photography by @rhea.gupte Models @avantika_xm at @savino_yhome & @arre.lumbu Hair & Makeup & @tangerinetheboutique Client @essgee_shop ————————————————————————


I started my journey as a photographer simply by walking around with my camera in any and every place I could. My camera and I have a long way to go. Outtakes on assignment for @cntravellerindia Dec - Jan issue. ————————————————————————


Five of my selected artworks were purchased a few months back to be part of the beautiful interiors of the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai. This is an initiative by @floatingcanvasco with the government of Maharashtra to bring more art into government offices, estates as well as public spaces. As an artist, it feels wonderful to have something you put life into, living and breathing in the lives of others, giving them peace of mind or food for thought. :) ————————————————————————


I’m glad to see this campaign resonated with so many of you. I have several explorations to do and ideas to convert into imagery around this thought and concept, which I started working on two years ago. This is one series which I have truly let breathe and grow, without rushing and while constantly educating myself on the subject of ethical fashion. I look forward to continuing on this journey and creating more. So happy to see this work featured on @thelissome {} I have highlighted a few excerpts from the interview I was a part of along with @nivismurthy, the founder of IKKIVI. If you happen to read all the way to the bottom you will see a guest appearance by my Mum as she wrote a comment on the feature which I JUST saw.😅 IKKIVI - an Indian Winter - 2018 Campaign Concept & Art by @rhea.gupte Client @ikkiviofficial Featured garments by @twofold_store, @chokhi.chorri, all sourced from @ikkiviofficial ————————————————————————


Can clothes emote? This is something I have contemplated all my life. As somebody who started her journey in fashion attracted to its frivolity, then to creativity and then to the art and ethics of it, this question has haunted me. Can clothes really tell stories?  Through this campaign I tried to portray clothes with emotions; as isolated creatures, as vulnerable souls, as wanderers and narrators, as lovers and as friends. As pieces of value to be kept and not thrown. IKKIVI - an Indian Winter - 2018 Campaign Concept & Art by @rhea.gupte | an ongoing extension to my Ethical Threads series Client @ikkiviofficial Featured garments by @twofold_store, @chokhi.chorri, sourced from @ikkiviofficial ————————————————————————