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Making the best technical gear to help you work from anywhere.

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Berkeley, California

Some last minute work in the studio before we head out to the tomorrow!

Berkeley, California

Love this 90 degree binder from Tennessee Attachments. Making speedy work on the

Berkeley, California

Sewing like crazy to get a few ideas out!

We recently did a Q&A @waxheadjed of @theperfect pack talking a little about inspiration and plans to come. Check it out link in bio.

Some of the best days are filled with fresh transforming into new gear.

Really digging ITW's Flip Clip. It's pretty basic, just with a simple hook but it enables one handed use and never accidentally comes undone.

Hey many of you have noticed that we are currently sold out of gear on our online store. We've noticed this too and are working around the clock to bring forward some concepts. This Summer, we will be releasing gear from our PROTOTYPE PROGRAM. This is an opportunity for us to personally share our experiments and put them up for sale. If they're well received, that bag will then graduate from the program and become part of our line. We can't share too much more right now as we sew like crazy to get these ready!

Once we have concepts that we feel justify the next steps in the design process, we surface most of our gear being careful to keep the energy of our original sketches. This is a quick screen grab of some of the surfacing from our SPECTRA® Fiber project.

When a PROTOTYPE PROGAM bag is made, chances are it was made right here, by the founder, one bag at a time.

Details matter. That's why when SPECRTA® Fiber tasked us of imagining the future of carry, we took our time to think about how all the different elements of the bag come together.

The cinch top the Spectra Fiber concept opens away from the user so it's easier to access while on-body. This format also allows a high level of expandability coupled with a top cinch/compression strap. ⁣

While this SPECTRA® Fiber project will only exist as a concept, this bag serves as our first experiment under our PROTOTYPE PROGRAM. This program serves as a testing bed for new ideas that we can put in the marketplace and then see if there is meaningful demand for a new pack. Our goal is to test more ideas faster in order to discover the winners and failures as quickly as possible.

We chose to make the shoulder straps simple and functional. These use a a 400d SPECTRA® Fiber reinforced and ITW's Flip Clip. Again, thanks to @yoshi_barber for hooking us up with the right piping for this hardware!

Our 18 liter scrambler for SPECTRA® Fiber exists to be simple and functional with a clean face and access that opens towards the user. We aimed to keep weight to a minimum using SPECTRA@ MicroGrid for the main and SPECTRA® reinforced for the side pockets. Our finished concept aims to highlight the capabilitiues of these new textiles and serve as a starting point in our

Our 18 liter scrambler for SPECTRA® Fiber. This was right when we were sewing the final stitches and before turning the bag out.

A quick and non-precious verification sample to make sure we have the build right. Even though we were very confident in out patterns, sometimes you need to just get sewing to make sure you have the order of operations down.

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