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I forgot to post a video of the finished Persian prototype. Really happy with how it came out. I’m enjoying using a mix of titanium frames with my own Damascus blade and accents. I feel it showcases and directs the focus to the beauty of the steel I spent so much time and effort forging. This one is special as it’s Talonite core San Mai, first of its kind. Also a true high contrast 5 alloy straight laminate Radmascus clip and spacer, also a first. Can’t wait to get started on the next one! I hope you all enjoy your day 🍻

Been at it since I got back from bladeshow and I’m excited to finish this one up! This is the # 0 Persian prototype based off my new Tanto . I forged the stainless Damascus in house using Talonite for the core material. To my knowledge I’m the first to use this material in Damascus. It took a absolutely freakishly sharp edge! It has contoured and chamfered titanium scales, and my custom blacked out titanium hardware. I forged the 5 alloy Radmascus back spacer and clip (again this is a first to the best of my knowledge). Really excited with how this turned out. Hope you all enjoy your night! Thanks everyone 🍻

Bladeshow was a lot of fun, but now it’s back to the daily grind! Time to finish the knives I simply couldn’t finish in time for the show. Thanks so much to everyone that said hello, stopped by my table, grabbed a sticker, or even bought something from me! It was the people and conversations I had that I enjoyed the most. Seems I missed more people then l thought unfortunately. But there is always next time! Thanks again everyone! Have a great week🍻

Auctions will start shortly, I have some FCFS and lottos on my table now. Come on by and say hello, grab a sticker, and check some of my work out! Table 9BB

Finally made it to bladeshow around 8:00 last night. What a crazy few days! Today I’ll be running one FCFS, One Lotto, and starting both auctions. The auctions both end 30mins apart tomorrow between 12:00-1:00pm EST. I’ll have one more lotto, and one more FCFS tomorrow. I’ll also have some collaboration lights on my table FCFS, and one up for lotto today only on these. Lottos end same day at end of the show. Thank you all so much! Be sure to stop by table 9BB and check everything out and say hello!

Well it’s 6:00 and I just assemble knife number 1 out of 12 I planned on bringing. Not looking good! This one is a mid size Zephyr with my CPM 3V core San Mai. Back to work now!

Still have pocket clips, final hardware, final assembly, and sharpening left before I can pack up and head out. I set out with a big goal this year for Bladeshow and didn’t finish what I wanted. Just under half the knives I started over 3 months ago will be coming with me unfortunately. Next year no more prototyping before a show. Here’s one of my Mid Size Zephyr builds I etched, and torched late last night. Mosaic 3 alloy ferry flipped Texas twist Radmascus , and some of my bold stainless performance Damascus, also in Texas twist pattern. Lots of work left before I’m able to feel at all accomplished, see you guys soon! Table 9BB! Have a great day!

Here’s one of my bladeshow knives coming together. This is one of my new models, the Zephyr “Roo” or just the Roo for short. Just finished up the blade and I’m extremely excited with the results. I forged this material quite some time ago now. To my knowledge, I the first to use this this material in Dascus. Talonite core San Mai with stainless Dascus jackets. The core was very thin on this and it took some serious work to assure it was as centered as possible. The result is almost an exact mirror image on the lock side! Come by my Table 9BB next weekend to check it out! Hope your all having a great weekend!

First look at my new Persian prototype! This is based off my Zephyr design and geometry like the Tanto. This one is sporting a very special Damascus blade I forged. It’s a Talonite core stainless San mai. 4 different materials used in this Damascus. More pics coming soon of everything I’ve been working around the clock to finish for bladeshow. It’s over double the amount of any knives I’ve ever had finished at one time in my shop. But, they are not finish yet so we will see how it plays out! Be sure to stop my table 9BB if your going to@bladeshow next weekend! I also wanted to wish my awesome and beyond supportive girlfriend of 10 years a big Happy birthday! Nothing I do would be even remotely possible without this woman by my side. Unfortunately I will be working through the night again so I’ll have to make it up to her later! Have a great day everyone!

Here is another picture of the Tanto prototype. Contoured with micro chamfers and fading chamfers on the spine. Floating Zirconium back spacer with Zirc washers. Still buckled down over here on bladeshow knives! Hope you all have a great day!

Very excited to finally show you all my newest design! If you were guessing a Tanto, you were correct. I’ve never been much of a Tanto guy, but a good friend and customer of mine pushed me to make one. I started playing with the design based off the Zephyr geometry about 7-8 months ago. After countless revisions this is what I came up with. It’s still not finished but I couldn’t hold off sharing any longer. A little info on it. The main hollow grind is a 6”. The front grind is actually a hollow grind rather then a flat grind, but is done on my 18” wheel. The swedge is done on a 8” wheel and is actually the exact same of the handle in the closed position. Contoured and micro chamfered handles, floating Zirc back spacer with Zirc washers, my new custom multi row micro bearings, Zirc clip, blackened titanium hardware. The blade will likely be dark washed as well. I will try my best to have one of these available at my table during bladeshow. Thanks for your support everyone and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

WIP! Here’s Zephyr “Roo” number 1 ground, lock and detent all set! One of the most addicting knives to flip I’ve ever made! I will have a few at my table at Bladeshow FCFS and Lotto. Really appreciate all the great feedback everyone, enjoy your day!

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