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RapidFire Rachel

Dinosaur Hunter 🦖🦕 Zombie Slayer ⛏🔫 4x Hooters Calendar Girl 💋👙 📍Atlanta, Georgia @ninelineapparel ➡️ Rapidfire20

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Atlanta, Georgia

What can I say, chicks dig guns. My little feathered mamas did good this weekend 15 Muscovy and 6 Peking successfully hatched 🐣

Miami Beach, Florida

Cheers to the first “official” day of summer, although we’ve been celebrating every warm day since April 😂 @getlitvodka Any big plans this summer? I’m hitting the road across America in just a few weeks 🤗

Fall River, Massachusetts

Throwback to June 20, 1893 when Lizzie Borden was acquitted of the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother, Andrew & Abby Borden.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Reminiscing my walk down Glory Road at Hall of Fame during the 22nd Annual Hooters Pageant! @Hooters Pageant Preview was unforgettable, and if you thought girls go all out at for the costume portion at local pageant you haven’t seen anything yet! Everyone’s hometown costumes were incredible. Forever grateful for this opportunity! Can’t wait to see who will be the next Miss Hooters International


I mustache you a question! What do you call these guys? We always called them Crawdads but when I asked the Gram the other day I was getting some crazy answers I’ve never heard before! So open debate & Go! Fun fact, this ones got babies... so I guess it’s a CrawMaw

Atlanta, Georgia

There's just something so sweet about this videoclip to me, aside from the BAR of course. My dad has had my back from the beginning in all aspects of life and even though I'm bigger and stronger now I know he's always there. This is just one of those sweet reminders! Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there 💗

Miami Beach, Florida

Find someone that looks at you the way I’m looking at this soaked gummy worm. The blue and the red worms are my favorite! What about you? @getlit @bciswimwear

Throwback to June 13, 1920 when the headline in the Washington Herald read: “CAN’T MAIL KIDDIES – DANGEROUS ANIMALS” as The Post Office finally ruled that children could not be classified as “harmless animals” and because of their potentiality for danger may not be mailed as parcel post. “By no stretch of imagination or language,” said the ruling, “can children be classified as harmless, live animals that do not require food or water.” This picture was staged, but can you even imagine?

Atlanta, Georgia

The face I made when they told me I couldn't have munchkins before the photoshoot! @forgerelations @thefluffygunguy

The Confidante

Wearing stripes with polka dots & breaking all the rules this summer!

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