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A Private Figure. Salsa Kang Of Chicago

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Hollywood Bowl

Cop tix now LA, this ain’t like where I can list you at my own event. Once they sold out.....that’s bout as good as I can do yo @hollywoodbowl ・・・ Just announced! The Roots celebrate the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking “Things Fall Apart” on August 28 , performing the album in its entirety with help from very special guests.

I left my ♥️ in @records_by_mail JESUS H CHRIST.


What side y’all on?

Hold On Y’all @QLS is coming back! Meanwhile we got a grip of archive gems you haven’t peeped yet for the summer: Revisit: that time of @rightondigital had me thinking at age 9 that @imcharliewilson was a chef or @hunterheather’s life in mainstream breaking barriers or @donniesimpsonsr proving his power breaking an unknown song by sir @eltonjohn or & the challenge of dude or @officialbizmarkie just bein the Biz or @djprincepaul fighting hard to keep his creations youthful & silly or how the pressure of keeping every kingpin in Oakland Happy was a task for @tooshort or @deoncole’s days writing for @teamcoco or @officialherbalpert letting some heavyweights go or how @chakaikhan just casually gives a classic like it was NATHAN! Hold on tight y’all we coming back!

London, United Kingdom

I’m still so hyped about going to this @onblackheath fest in London I keep forgetting IM IN this jawn! @jamiroquaihq @thebrandnewheavies_ @soul2souluk @morcheebaband @ub40 @gracejonesofficial @jacobcollier

Climax, North Carolina

w great power comes great responsibility. Some chose to utilize their money. Some manipulate their talent. Some exercise fear—-but lemme tell you. This doc on @netflix is a life lesson for all of us. Don’t See the title & be like “meh, Black Godfather I wont relate” or “another music doc?”—-this is life lesson. I mean forget the fact that if 2 presidents, 7 major label execs, 4 people who have been in Guinness World Records....that alone—-if THEY take the time out to sing your praises then it’s worth a peep. But what I want y’all to get that I can’t hammer the point hard enough in any post/tweet/entry/book I write is the importance of networking and relationships. Quincy ain’t Quincy cause of his arranging skills. His best skill is relationships. Obama wasn’t Obama cause he spoke so well. He nuanced all his relationships: he could talk to The Queen Of England AND E40 smell me? That is prolly my weakest place in life (look at that IG story I put up last night bragging about the near 200k emails and messages I never opened. That actually makes me a horrible person. Almost got into it last night w a colleague because of my horrible communication skills. Psssssh to keep it super real I just got fired from a project from the same thing. Having the talent to execute is not even a quarter of it. showing up and on time is a part of it too. This doc has taught me that relationships and clear communication is KEY. When I adjust THIS AREA of my life? Psssssh maaaaayne! watch NOW. then make 5 creatives and 10 loved ones watch. This is necessary viewing. For ALL OF YOU.

True Original. Dr John.

Some highlights: -That time @mobbdeephavoc @prodigymobbdeep 1st meeting wasn’t exactly a match in heaven -that time when @michaeljackson mighta sorta flew’d the wrong cats (@babyface & @la_reid ) -informing how crucial @Rza was to bringing their work on @StaxRecords to a new generation. -speaking on the time when I played a @nellyfurtado song at the wrong time for the wrong person 👀 -talking to about how a @Jamar_Neighbors mixtape shook a comedy community to the core - @siedahgarrett pulls ZERO punches when talking about the video w - @flytetimejam speaking of how almost sabotaged “Human” - @gillespeterson basking in the day when DJ’s were CREATIVE - @realroyayers wants his money btw -& if you play yourself, @angelarye will call you out on it. Dig in the archives kids, we got major news coming up! This about to be a WINwinwinWIN for everybody! Follow and dive into @qls

Harlem New York

Let’s Open Our Eyes. Open Our Eyes. This Is The Most Essential. The Most Crucial. The Most Urgent. The Most Necessary Viewing. Now. Right Now. @WhenTheySeeUs .

Fairmount Park - Belmont

1) this is @RootsPicnic I been talking and talking bout this since Feb. we expanded to because the demand is outta this world. All you last min people now know when a tells you mad early to cop tix DO IT. Damn near sold out. 2. This is complete lineup, but there is everything: food villages/games/arcades/podcast stages/silent discos/lifestyle tents/& duh of course we not talking about the surprises in store 3. Plenty of parking/pickup locations/options to make getting to and from the picnic easy 4. The @KissNGrind party is near a religion. THAT’s where I’ll be spinning afterwards. Follow em. Or follow @flygirrl for info. 5. Sunday morning take the family and kids rollerskating at @blue_cross_riverrink my party will be in effect. 12-3 6. Every year: @sundaephilly party in effect 6pm until I can’t give no more. Philly I’m giving you 3.5 hrs of picnic love (@qls/ @raphael_saadiq/ @theroots) & 10 hrs of djn. ?!!??

The Mann Center for the Performing Arts

Wow. It’s really happening.

....other dad?

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