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So with the ever so dull French Grand Prix our the way, @f1 moves to Austria. Surely it can only get better in terms of racing? Mercedes are just going to run riot again, aren’t they? Will Red Bull, at their home GP, push the Fezza’s for a third place? 📸: Red Bull Content Pool

Link in my bio to my review of living with the Subaru XV as a parent. Let me know what you think, like, share, comment, etc... love to know everyone’s thoughts!

These special edition @fizikofficial Infinito R1 Knit Movistar Team are just wonderful. Only 118 pairs will be made celebrating 118 Grand Tour stage wins by a Movistar rider. They’re just simply stunning. I love them. What do you think?

The 718 Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder. 4.0litre six cylinder, naturally aspirated, three pedals, 420ps, 301kmh top speed... looking forward to this and the Alpine A110s going head to head... @porsche_gb @porsche_newsroom

One of my littles ones belts came loose on the @britaxroemer Dualfix. I spent ages thinking o had to take the fabric off, the screws out and pull the front off of it, until I thought there had to be another way and reverted the to the manual. Opened it up and there’s the belts... doh!

There isn’t a more delicious end to

No press car this week so it’s back in the @toyotauk Corolla. It’s a great car to drive, responsive, comfortable, sharp brakes, quick, fuel efficient (58.2mpg at the minute) and I like the driving position too.

This has to be the bleakest British Summer, ever?! One thing that makes it slightly worse is the rain on the wing mirrors of the @forduk Kuga. It sticks to the mirrors and doesn’t budge making it very difficult to see out of. The way the air flows around the wing mirror also means it spits water right in this section too... annoying.

This is not just any cup holder. This is a cup holder which is the perfect size for M&S double cream... @forduk ?!

Today, we went to Tropical World in Leeds - it’s great, kids loved it. Also, got this picture of a cayman, which turned out better than I thought as it hung in the water.

The @forduk Kuga in a suburban environment, in this colour... 👌🏽

This is not a messy boot - this is a boot of a parent of two! In here is an @icandyworlduk peach chassis and with carrycot, two bags, changes of clothes for the kids, wellies, jackets for all the family and a day bag. Car designers challenge is to make a boot big enough to fit this without compromising performance, comfort and still being able to see out the back...

Today was @openfarmdays and we went to @birchfieldicecreamfarm their tractor display was on point! Loved the combine over the @johndeere 6145R. Great fun today.

Enjoyed more miles in the @ford Kuga yesterday - swallowed up the kiddy stuff in the boot and was ok down country lanes. 6th Gear became 5th on regular occasion to help the engine up the hills. Still find it very comfortable. #

Today we enjoyed the bed race. It was a great day, even with the rain. If you’re not familiar, teams of six runners, plus one on the bed, go up and down the many hills of Knaresborough with essentially a metal cart. They then have to cross the river Nidd to make it home. The winning team did it in 14 minutes!

The view from the @britaxroemer Dual Fix. First impressions of the @ford Kuga are good. It’s roomy, comfortable, child friendly and a good engine! The HUGE sunroof also keeps the eldest entertained.

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