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Sofia H Wallén 🇸🇪 (@ptsofiaharrewallen) Instagram Profile Photo ptsofiaharrewallen

Sofia H Wallén 🇸🇪

Bio 🎗 Lic. PT & Grouptraining instructor 🎗 Choreographer/educator for 🎗 Ambassador SmellWell/Goodbalance 🎗 DM for collaborations

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Lund, Sweden Report Download 20 72

Todays : ☘Pilates Tabata ☘ (20/10 intervals) . . 1. SPLIT STAND SQUATS (3sets/side) - lean over your front leg and relax your back to increase the weight on the leg. ☘ 2. STATIC COURTESY LUNGES (3sets/side) - try to stabilise your upperbody. ☘ 3. CALVES RAISES (6sets) - squeeze your inner thighs and knees together and lift your chest proud. Tighten your buttocks and keep that tension while lifting. ☘ 4. CROSS KICKS (3sets/side) - Cross your moving legs knee over the other leg and kick with a tight leg. ☘ 5. BOX POSE (4set) - Stand on all four and place your toes to the ground. Hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Suck your belly button in towards your spine and lift your knees off the floor, 1 cm. ☘ 6. SWIMMING (6sets) - Extend your body full length and lift arms and legs up. Suck your belly button in and squeeze your buttocks. Paddle both arms and legs. ☘ 7. CONCENTRIC PUSHUPS (4sets) - Place your hands close to your chest, activate your buttocks, abs and legs. Lift strongly up and lower how ever you like. Focus on the pushing up part of the motion. ☘ 8. THE ALBATROSS (6sets) - Lie down and place your forehead to the mat. Squeeze your buttocks and suck your belly button in. Extend your arms and lift. ☘ 9. PARACHUTE (4sets) - Lie down in full extension with the same tension as previous exercise. Lift your arms backwards in a circular motion aiming to tap your feet. ☘ 10. LEG TACO (6set) - Lie down on the floor, straighten your legs up and point your feet. Crunch and press your arms forward between your legs. ☘ 11. SEATED LEG LIFTS (4set) - Sit on your seat bones and lean backwards, chest up and extend your arms. Lift your legs. . . Total workout time: .ca 35-40 minutes. . . Good luck and let me know if you try it.