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Gunshine State Polymer Surgeon at @cwgunwerks For stippling services contact

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Reposted from @cwgunwerks - @photogenic_firearms ・・・ Read this . Zoom in and Read it. It makes me sick. These dumb fools are attempting to get an assault weapons ban that bans EVERYTHING, from your grandpapies .22lr, to shotguns, to standard rifles BANNED in the state of Florida. How? Fucking constitutional amendment that the Citizens of the Great State of Florida would vote on. If you aren’t familiar with the demographics of the state of Florida, the center of Florida is Pro Gun Floridian, the coast concentrating in Tampa; Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando is a bunch of Snow Birds only down for half the year or northern retirees. This petition needs a possible amount of signatures to get into our ballot for our uneducated voters of the state of Florida to vote on. They all typically pass. They have us square in the cross hairs. If you are in Florida, tag a friend who is pro gun who needs to read this abomination and to get ready for the massive colonoscopy that they are going to try to insert on us. Share this with your friends. @rondesantisfl I hope this does not pass. Florida should be a haven for Floridians, not for the people from New York, New Jersey, California, and other northern states to come down and skew our elections and our politics. Just because they up their own states, doesn’t mean they should be able to up ours. Educate your friends and fellow voters as to why they should not sign this ridiculous petition or vote for it IF IF it comes to fruition, which I sincerely pray it does not. -

Starting the week off right with @kabdefense exodus slide and nitride barrel on some @cwgunwerks framework

Clearly I'm a fan of both CZ's and the ACR stock. Bren only needs the @danhagadesigns trigger 😬

Space Force CQBPCC ready to battle the bug menace. Would you like to know more? The @danhagadesigns acr adapter was one of the deciding factors in me getting the scorpion I knew the K front end and the stock would make for a super small and really interesting package. I wanted something different yet reliable and this combo fit the bill perfectly. @cwgunwerks converted the stock scorpion into a K model, installed the @hb_industries trigger, springs, ak style safety and handguard as well as chopped the barrel to 4.5" the magpul grip was fitted and stippled.

Another $200 package going home, stipple sale is still going on at @cwgunwerks $200 gets you textured thumb ledges, full stipple with borders and double undercut everything you see here.

"Moooommmm!! Lend me your keys, I need to flex on the poors for the gram!!" "but that's not your Porsche... Aren't you committing a flexing paradox by flexing on the poors while being a poor?" "but Moooommmm... It's for the gram 😬"

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