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Born in 1890 in the French Alps, the simple, smart, nature-inspired folding knife became a design icon.


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508 bd Henry Bordeaux Chambéry, France

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Start thinking about your future holidays and take with you a little bit of the Mediterranean with our knife N°08 Olive Wood

Passionate about sports? Always take with you your sport engraved knife to remind you of your passion, in summer as in winter.

The incredible cut and the robustness of the carbon knife makes it essential for any outdoor activity

Adorn your table of beautiful colors with the knives bon appétit +

Come on Les Bleues! Opinel is supporting the French team of football in this World Cup 2019 !

Before going to look for sea shells, make sure that your oyster knife is waiting for you in your kitchen ;)

Travel culinarily at your table with the Table Knives made in African Black Ebony

To prepare your mackerel and other delights of the sea in the best of ways, the Slim Cut Parallel Pop Knife is perfect.

For a smooth and precise cut, switch to a Slim Line Knife

Be ready to face any situation in your kitchen with the kitchen sets for cooks

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