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Wish I could say I was the fun one but we all know that’s not true. Happy Father’s Day my love ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️ dad • grandpa • smartest guy I’ll ever know • chef • friend • genius • hero • truly just the most wonderful person, i love you i love you i love you ❤️

@Booksmart soundtrack diary : LEIKELI47 - “MONEY” & “ATTITUDE”. When you have a character like Gigi, played by a baller like @praisethelourd, you better make a dope-ass entrance for her. And once you shoot that, you better find a track that lives up to said dope-ass intro. I discovered this incredible artist through her track “Attitude”, and KNEW it was an essential @Booksmart needle-drop cuz let’s face it, our movie has mad attitude (madittude for efficiency). We were lucky enough to use that track over the library montage because I needed as much ger as possible to match the boss energy Molly & Amy bring to the UCLA stacks. For Ms GIGI, I was proud of our slo-mo hood-mount shot of her sitting on the car window, and once I tried “Money” over it, I flipped out and loved it so much I actually have one cut where we used the entirety of the song (cuz its THAT good so go buy it). @leikeli47 is a beast and we are so grateful we get to feature her TWICE. So. Much. Swag.

@Booksmart soundtrack diary : LYKKE LI - UNCHAINED MELODY. Originally written in 1955 by Hy Zaret and sung by Todd Duncan, then covered by the Righteous Brothers, and made extra famous by a certain ceramics scene, this song has that deeply visceral quality that makes it immediately emotional, which is of course what I needed for this scene. Molly and Amy are saying goodbye. Suddenly their intense bond - the lifejacket they’ve shared for their entire lives - is ripped off, and they’re left alone in the middle of this huge ocean of WTF called adulthood. Their longing runs deep. We’ve all felt it for someone at some point so we feel it in our gut once the first moment of the song in. We don’t often realize how traumatic it can be to say goodbye to a friend who knows us better than anyone. There are a billion songs about romance, but very few about platonic love. In this scene I wondered if maybe what we needed more than anything was a song that WAS a classic love song, to drive home that this goodbye is just as deep, and sadly necessary, and painful as romantic breakups. Because what we’re saying is: love your friends as hard as your lovers. Of course the incredible performances of the actors, and beautiful camera work by @jason_mccormick and his team, made it all come together, but we were very lucky to have this beautiful song. Thank you @lykkeli for gracing us with your magic. I’m a little bit in love with you.

@Booksmart soundtrack diary : ALANIS MORISSETTE - YOU OUGHTA KNOW. 1995 is ancient history to most of our young cast, but they knew how to get DOWN to Jagged Little Pill on our set for one of my favorite moments in the film: the karaoke scene. When we were dreaming up this moment - when George (@noahegalvin) lets his broken hearted flag fly with the passionate support of Gigi (@praisethelourd), while Ryan (@littleruesga) leans back in her cool-as-hell-sexually-ambiguous-way, and Amy (@kaitlyndever) is FTFO that this *must* be the night it all goes down, and finally busts out of her shell, and lets her inner Alanis ripppp. I love this moment. I loved shooting it. I told @noahegalvin he was singing this song about 45 mins before we shot it. He didn’t skip a beat and nailed it, throwing in a close-up 🎙 deep throat for good measure. Luckily for me, this song happened to be @kaitlyndever’s actual karaoke go-to. (She also happens to be a brilliant singer and has a GREAT band with her sister called @beulahbelleband which you should check out.) THIS track was a MAJOR MAJOR score for us, and it’s all because @dailysmiles didn’t laugh at me when I asked if we could try. I wrote Alanis a letter of course. I’ve been a fan since ‘95, when she showed us that rage could be channeled into art, and none of us were alone in our heartbreak. Thank you @alanis . You are a living legend.

@booksmart soundtrack diary : LIZZO - BOYS. I cannot think of an artist who embodies the Booksmart spirit more than @lizzobeeating. Her ferociously feminist mind continues to gift us anthems that dare us to celebrate our complexity, our sex, our swagger, our politics, our independence, and our bodies. I knew I needed her in the movie. It just had to happen. Of course there were so many songs I played with. “Coconut Oil” was originally playing in Ms Fine’s car, but that song deserves a scene without as much dialogue. BUT there was no question in my mind that we needed “BOYS” for the moment when the party in to high gear. Too many spoilers to go into detail but if you know you know, you know? Needless to say, Lizzo has turned into a cultural phenom, and I’m very much here 👏 for 👏 it. I should also mention we played her music a LOT on set so she’s basically in the movie. Thank you for everything you do. We danced our off at your show at Terminal 5 the night before the movie came out, and it was perfect.

@booksmart soundtrack diary : LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - OH BABY. I truly still cannot believe we made this one happen. I was playing it in my head when we imagined this pivotal moment in the story, when Molly and Amy are separated and spinning off, seemingly having lost each other, only to discover themselves in the process. When I told Bryan Ling I needed Oh Baby for a sequence that stretches over three different scenes, he said in his ninja-calm way, “OK so that one will be tough. You need to write to James Murphy and tell him why it’s the only song that will work.” Ummmmm....Write to my musical hero and gush over his unmatched genius and make a plea for him to be a part of my first movie?! Fuck yea. TRY and stop me. I then wrote the most over-the-top fan letter this incredible band has ever received and in his benevolent awesomeness, Mr Murphy wrote back and said “No problem!” AND THEN I PASSED OUT WITH HAPPINESS. I have seen this band live several times and if you haven’t, you actually are not alive yet and I suggest you make it happen. My wife @reedmorano was part of the genius team who made “Shut Up And Play The Hits” which I also suggest you get into STAT. Unreal. I’m so honored to have this band as part of the DNA of this movie. Still can’t believe it. Thank you @lcdsoundsystem I love you so very much.

@booksmart diary : DISCOVERY - CAN YOU DISCOVER. Ok so this album means a lot to me. It’s 10 yrs old and yet always so ahead of its time. “Discovery” is the side-project of Rost Batmanglij (Vpire Weekend)and Wesley Miles (Ra Ra Riot). The entire album is brilliant, funky, soulful, electro-funk, indie rock goodness. There’s the sexy, romantic “So Insane”, the cheeky, funky, effervescent “Swing Tree”, and the driving, futuristic “Osaka Loop Line” (which we happen to use in @booksmart a total of three times), but it’s “Can You Discover” that I knew I needed for the moment Amy spots Ryan (@littleruesga) skating around the lunch courtyard. It’s half reality, half fantasy, and all crushhhh. I love those slow-mo-golden-hour skating shots (and have about an hour of them in the bank for the dvd) and I love @kaitlyndever’s face as she takes it in and builds the courage to walk over and find out whether *any* of her feelings are reciprocated. I needed an anthem for the phenomenon that happens whenever you see THAT crush: “When I look into your eyes, I tend to lose my thoughts. Don't forget your stare. Oh what was that you said? Would you let me know, 'Cause I can't read your mind. Oh can you tell? I can't even explain.” I SO grateful to Rost and Wesley for letting us use their beautiful music. I hope they make another album SOON.

@Booksmart soundtrack diary : CAUTIOUS CLAY : COLD WAR. This song was on my drive-to-work mix throughout the shoot, which was usually around an hour, and perfect for dreaming up the playlist I would BLAST on set all day. Once I suspected this @cautiousxclay track would be the perfect accompaniment to our pivotal Amy x Hope scene, I played the song on set and watched everyone immediately start groooooovin. Then I knew we had the perfect song for the scene. Could this song be sexier? No. It’s 🔥. The lyrics also spoke to the meaning of the scene, which was all about laying yourself bare, being bold, and real, and open. “But if we just spoke like we meant it, would you reference this open part of me.” I respect and admire this artist so much. @cautiousxclay aka Josh Karpeh is a multi-talented musician and songwriter (plays the flute and sax like a too) and also hails from Brooklyn so I truly could not love him more. It’s an honor to have him on our soundtrack, and part of the @Booksmart fam forever.

Booksmart soundtrack diary ! PERFUME GENIUS - SLIP AWAY. This song means a lot to me, and the movie, in part because of the moment it all came together. Sometimes you know the song you need for a scene while you’re shooting, and sometimes the songs find you in the edit. I was editing the pool scene - in which Amy (@kaitlyndever) sheds her skin and flies into the unknown - while listening to this entire (perfect) @perfumegenius album (No Shape) LOUD, just to find the vibe of how to cut the scene, which was challenging (and awesome), and suddenly I sensed something magical was happening and I muted the picture and blasted Slip Away and BOOOOM - it was as if we had crafted the scene FOR the song and vice versa. It was like the footage came to life and suddenly told me what it wanted to be. Yes, I started crying. I called @dailysmiles and said LOOK AT THIS. He replied “wow it’s literally perfect!”. I said I NEED IT, and he he said he would make it happen (because he is the best) and that’s how this beautiful love story between me, @perfumegenius, and @booksmart came to be. I’m so grateful to Mike Hadreas and Bryan Ling for making this perfect union happen. We hope you love it as much as we do. 🧜‍♀️

The @booksmart soundtrack was insanely fun to build. Along with my kick-ass music supervisor Bryan Ling (@dailysmiles) I had the chance to bring together a group of incredible musical visionaries, including this sensational woman right here, @santigold. Her singular and bold work has inspired me for years, and it’s a huge honor to have her as part of the Booksmart family. Her track, “Look At These Hoes”, plays when Molly and Amy approach the destination they’ve been searching for, their entire journey. It’s Dorothy approaching Oz. There’s so much anticipation and fear, and I needed a song that would match their energy, highlight their fear of who they’d encounter, and suggest the swagger they needed to walk through the door. This track is so dynamic and fresh, it added real dimension to this moment, and to the movie as a whole. Listen to Santi on our soundtrack (on Spotify) and dance yourself through all the doors you’re afraid to walk through. And YES the vinyl soundtrack is being restocked at @urbanoutfitters. 😎


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