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Email: Northwest Handbuilt Invitational - July 2019 USN Gathering - Aug. 2019 🔪 GOLPHERS:

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Here is the Lynx collaboration with Drop. The pre-order is live now. 3" blade in RWL-34 is hollow ground with nice thin edge. Lean carry with 3D Titanium clip.

Golphers Ace multi-Golf tool with locking blade in S35VN and titanium liners. High quality of WE Knife in the best titanium and stainless parts. Available in four colors of G10 or two Carbon Fiber variations. We have put a lot of design functional consideration into this. 🔪🏌️🔪🏌️🔪🏌️🔪🏌️🔪🏌️🔪🏌️🔪🏌️ LINK IN BIO.

Chicago... second only in passenger volume to my next stop Atlanta.

For the last 7 months I've been working with @golphers to bring the ultimate golf tool to life. The Golphers Tool (patent pending) combines my love for knives and quality tools into the essential golf tool-edc. In celebration of our Kickstarter Launch June 11th, we're hosting a HUGE giveaway. Earn prizes for referring friends, and compete to win your very own Golphers Tool. LINK IN BIO!

Perian in some special CF with silver twill and zirconium accents and CPM 3V blade for a long time friend. 🔪

Great time and amazing friends at Ponzi Vinyard this weekend.

Massdrop Orca is available now on their website. I have been carrying this one almost constantly for the last couple months and it's solid. I reworked a second batch of knives for this drop, so most of these knives got an edge tune up as well!

This was the best show of 2018...I excited to be doing it again this year. Reservation are required and currently open so make plans now. Hope to see you there! @northwesthandbuiltinvitational

Amazing ski day with family and friends!

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