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My mom's a superstar all from a home movie [parody] Inquiries hit

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I have officially joined the choir or should I say the choir has joined me. Every Sunday you can see "North West and the Family" performing your favorite gospel hits in Calabasas. Get the church music you love without the church. Admission is free, tithes and offering is mandatory.

I never want to be surprised by pregnancies again, so I have a new policy that if you are nauseous, you must take a pregnancy test in my presence. It helps me get ahead of the story instead of being blindsided by TMZ. I even make MJ take pregnancy tests. You can't be too sure in this family. Tap the link in my bio to read my full review of Sunday's episode of @kuwtk for @toofabnews.

We've been short staffed lately so last night I assigned the Malika's to security duty. It worked out really well. To all entrepreneurs, this is why cross-training your employees is so important in your business. I hope they know that even though they worked late last night, I fully expect them here at 1pm to walk Sushi.

How I imagine the Malika's get ready in the morning.

Huge thank you to @chrissyteigen for showing us how she uses KKW Body Makeup. Oh wait that’s right she’s not using it, even though we sent her a huge press box well in advanced. Now I really don’t feel bad that we used her cookbooks as coasters at the Christmas Eve party.

I did not appear in Sunday's episode of @KUWTK so I'm sure the ratings were in the toilet. In this episode we saw Auntie Kourt brainstorm names for her Tumblr page, which is now known as @POISH. Other possible names were SENUOY (Younes backwards), DASH 2.0, or GOOP. Hit the link in the bio to read my full review of Sunday’s episode for @toofabnews.

It really be your own network...

It’s a real ones birthday...and schools are closed! I would like to thank mommy for going to the White House to make my birthday a national holiday. I can’t believe I’m 6 already. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was an only child posing for Vogue. The good old days. I’ve done more in these past 5 years than most of you will do in a lifetime. Turning 6 has me reflecting on what’s really important in life: my empire, Nobu and NDAs. Thank you in advance for your birthday wishes. Instead of gifts I’m asking all of you to donate to a charity near to my heart, The Dream Kardashian Hope Fund. Here’s to turning 6 and securing more bags!

Wow! @stassiebaby looks hot in her @boobytape! I would like to take this time to congratulate Stass on her promotion to auntie Kylie’s main best friend. Orientation will be on Wednesday. There you will sign a new NDA, get measured for matching outfits, and I will go over the “Friends of the Kardashians Code of Conduct” with you. Due to recent events we have had to explicitly add a ‘do not make out with anyone’s boyfriend’ clause to this document. On Thursday we will be staging paparazzi shots of you and auntie Kylie at Nobu as your introduction the world and Friday there is a kick off meeting with Stormi where we will go over your responsibilities as Stormi’s new mom. Once again congratulations!

This is major! One woman is the host of a nationally syndicated television talk show. She’s received multiple nominations at the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and she trades off daily with Ellen DeGeneres as the number one female host on daytime television. She’s a New York Times Best-Selling author and she has also been inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame. The other is Kris Jenner. An extra in an Ariana Grande music video. Name a more iconic duo. You can’t.

It's interesting that she has no problem telling me I have a new sibling every other year and that I have to split the inheritance -- yet a hamster dies, and she's all of a sudden so concerned about my feelings. . . . The truth is, the hamster died days before the assistant discovered him after I sprayed him with KKW Beauty fragrance. I just pretended to not know the hamster died so she'd buy me a new one. I also didn't want to deal with the potential PR nightmare of the press finding out I murdered a hamster with perfume. . . . Tap the link in my bio to read my full review of Sunday's episode of @kuwtk for @toofabnews!! (📽 via @dastube)

I have decided to start marketing them as "the triplets". Much like my mom and her sisters, none of them have the personality to make it on their own. At our next meeting we will be drawing straws to see who has to be the Kourtney of the group.

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