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Editor-in-Chief of @elleusa and @projectrunwaybravo Judge ❤️ fashion / travel / technology / our environment ♻️

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Feeling electric ! Dress how you’re feeling on the inside even if it does not look like that outside. 🌧🙅🏽‍♀️🙏🏽⚡️☀️

Celebrating our Project Runway winner! Congratulations Sebastian, I’m so proud of you. We all know that you are a talented designer that presented one of the most sophisticated collections in Project Runway history. Your clothes speak about your story and your Colombian heritage. But your journey, with all the struggles, will also become an inspiration. You are the personification of the American Dream. You came to the US with a passion and a determination and you fought really hard, always with the best attitude. Your journey is my journey. Thank you for sharing with all of us. You are now part of the @projectrunwaybravo family. @iamsebastiangrey

Icelandic glaciers are the backdrop for this stunning and inspiring fall story. @elleusa @colesprouse

Sólheimajökull, the Icelandic glacier that served as the stunning setting for @ColeSprouse‘s shoot in ELLE’s conservation issue, retreated 500 feet from 2017 to 2018. Since 1930, it’s lost nearly a mile. “Melting glaciers, unusual weather events, and some of the hottest temperatures on record have pushed the issue to the forefront of Icelanders’ consciousness,” writes Bonnie Tsui. Thank you @ColeSprouse for the beautiful pictures. 👏🏻

Capri, Italy

Capri and its timeless breathtaking beauty. @bulgariofficial 😎😍

@HopeSolo is not tied up in a nice, neat package with a bow, at all,” says Lesle Gallimore, her college coach. “Don’t ever be surprised by anything she says. That’s rule number one.” The legend returns to  and is more outspoken than ever. Head to for the full story. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Photographed by @liaclay ⁣ Styled by @ronbreezy Written by @mollykayt

Milk Studios

Thank you to everyone who ce out tonight to celebrate our first-ever @elleusa sustainably focused magazine and our partnership with @conservationorg to help draw attention to such an important cause. Takeaways from tonight: the time is now; you can meet a crisis with fear or with hope, and I hopeful because so many people are doing inspiring work defending our environment; we are in this together and we can make a difference.

I’m inspired yet again by Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian efforts. Yesterday she traveled to the Colombian border with Venezuela to raise awareness about the four million Venezuelans that have been forced to leave their country. This “staggering” exodus (according to the UN) has swelled by 1 million people since last November / Una vez más estoy inspirada por la labor humanitaria realizada por . Ayer viajó en la frontera entre Colombia y Venezuela y se reunió con el Presidente @ivanduquemarquez. Según datos de @acnur_unhcr_americas más de cuatro millones de venezolanos se han visto forzados a abandonar su hogar. Una cifra que ha aumentado considerablemente en el último año. Estamos hablando de una emergencia humanitaria que necesita ser tratada como tal. 📸 by @extranoticiasCO @elleusa

An avid scuba diver, @anja_rubik started noticing a problem: “I’d come up with these huge bags of plastic and trash.” When she started to research the issue, she learned that 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year. After speaking at the UN for World Oceans Day last June, Rubik wants the fashion industry to bring its buzz-creating alchemy to bear on conservation. “We are the experts in change, and we are able to drive movements and create trends faster than any other industry in the world,” she says. “We should use that power to make sustainability no longer just a catchphrase, but the only way forward.” Link in bio for the July cover story.⁣ ⁣ @elleusa⁣ Written by @niquepeeks⁣ Photographed by @chriscolls⁣ Styled by @makinaill @silbruinsma1 @davidvoncannon

After a trip to Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve, @doutzen fell in love with elephants--and learned how poaching was decimating their population. “I came back with so much anger, but also so much awareness about how we have to put a stop to this,” Kroes says. Post-trip, she signed on as a global ambassador for the charity, Knot On My Planet. “Human beings tie knots to not forget about things, and elephants are known to never forget about anything,” she says. “But we are forgetting about them.” Link in bio for the July cover story. ⁣ ⁣ @elleusa⁣ Written by @niquepeeks⁣ Photographed by @chriscolls⁣ Styled by @ilona_hamer@doutzen@knotonmyplanet@tiffanyandco @davidvoncannon @makinaill @silbruinsma1

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, @Naomi, like so many people, helplessly watched the disaster unfold on TV. “What can we do?” she asked herself. “We have to do something.” With only a week to go before New York Fashion Week, Campbell got a tent in Bryant Park for the first-ever Fashion For Relief show. “Corny as it may sound, we came together to do something.” she said. Link in bio for the July cover story.⁣ ⁣ @elleusa⁣ Written by @niquepeeks⁣ Photographed by @chriscolls⁣ Styled by @ilona_hamer@Naomi@fashion4relief ⁣ @dior

For our July issue, ELLE partnered with Conservation International to highlight the urgency to act on climate change: For @gisele, it started with a 2004 visit to Brazil’s Xingu region, where she witnessed the problems caused by river pollution. “From that moment, I knew I had to do something,” she said. “I’ve been advocating for social and environmental causes ever since,” including clean water, reforestation, wildlife preservation, and clean energy. “After all, our survival depends on it.” Link in bio for the July cover story.⁣ ⁣ @elleusa⁣ Written by @niquepeeks⁣ Photographed by @chriscolls⁣ Styled by @ilona_hamer@gisele@etro@chopard @davidvoncannon @silbruinsma1 @makinaill

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