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i would appreciate a double tap after i used two bottles of lube, the gays, and a prayer to sweet baby buddha to get me into this outfit. as i climbed on top of the antique table in the middle of a fancy dinner i finally realized why everyone calls me... EXTRA 💕💞💓💗💖💝

5 Million Draguns 🐉🔥 all i can say is THANK U! u have been there for me through this insane journey. idk why so many people are interested in my crazy fantasy honestly? like i wear pounds of makeup, wigs, and most of my isn’t real but somehow y’all still think i’m cute. whether ur a new Dragun or have been rocking with me since day one u are apart of every accomplishment! only a couple of years ago i was living in lil old springfield virginia not knowing what to do with my life and now i’m taking over the world living my dreams! thank u if u love me and thank u if u hate me xoxo @dragunbeauty dragun fire color corrector singles restock on 6/19 at 12pm PST 🔥

uneducated? dropout? beauty but no brains? don’t know her 👩🏻‍🎓💞 not too long ago i strutted across stage to receive my bachelors in beauty business & marketing. i attended school full time when i moved to la and trust me when i say everyone was not expecting me to finish. i was living a hannah montana lifestyle going to class by day and living my internet princess fantasy at night. i never shared who i really was or what i did. sometimes they would even present on beauty influencers/me not knowing i was sitting in class. once they found out people became vicious thinking i was stuck up or i had an advantage. there was so many times i wanted to quit but i wanted to prove to myself that i could do it! despite what everyone else said. i ended up graduating FIRST in my class and now only a year later created my own successful beauty company 💅🏼

i asked the girl in the bathroom to take my pic and this happened... but u know what maybe this was all a metaphor? feelings fade and people change / it all fades away in the end. idk shoutout to the girl in the bathroom with the artsy aesthetic i can’t even comprehend... u a real one 🥶

me and my bestie posted up in the principals office 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ happy bestfriends day! on this day i would like to ask... which leg is which? are we really twins? i breaking my back to make my look thicc? did i facetune too much? these are the questions the universe may never answer.

me arriving to my own funeral i’m cancelled 🖤 i’ve been peeping some InFlUeNcErS tryna copy my pussystunt videos but it’s all good. often imitated but never duplicated. i actual edit all of these videos myself! show me how u and tag me xo

honestly too cute to be thinking bout u 🖤 focusing my energy on me myself and muthafukin i. learning to love myself and not seeking love from anybody. lashes and a bank account is all i’m focusing on for the rest of 2019.

i only luv my bed and mama dragun i’m srry ♥️

category is fem queen realness 🦋 the gag after my 13 hr makeup campaign shoot i was pushed to walk for the first time. i won and received 10s across the board but honestly it was just so fun to be in. i’ll never stop using my platform to fight for my community! a world full of equality, life, and . live ur fantasy xo

y’all remember the “most liked egg” this is her now feel old yet? 🥚 Iced Out DragunEgg restocks tomorrow @ 12pm pst! —— DRAGUN GIVEAWAY 1. Follow @nikita_dragun & @dragunbeauty 2. Like & comment on this post 3. Tag 3 friends

Iced Out DragunEggs are back! took me a lil bit to lay some more eggs but bb she’s here. restocking this monday 5/27 at 12pm pst 🐲🥚💎 —— DRAGUN GIVEAWAY 1. Follow @nikita_dragun & @dragunbeauty 2. Like & comment on this post 3. Tag 3 friends

happy birthday @jamescharles in honor i’m throwing a little sister shade but that just means i love u... most of the time when u aren’t being a 💞

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