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20 steps. Vinita will have to take photos looking upward.

Vinita is building steps from the house to the flat below.

The boys whacked some nice ones

Tom caught a nice Canary

The helm. Lots of great electronics

Charleston, Oregon

The boys having a Great time on the new boat

The business end

The helm showing the electronics. Even has cameras in the engine room.

Giddings Boat Works

Here she is without the outriggers and Electronics and raft. This boat is awesome

Tom's 60th birthday. My only sister Linda and my only brother Tom

I really miss Don. Here is the proof that we set the unlimited World Land Speed record for wheel driven cars. A record that we still hold today. I miss our crew and the challenges we faced.

Front Rudge hub that I had to fabricate thanks Tim Smith. 88 splines

Me and the rudder on the Mary J. About 1980. Caught alot of fish with my Brother in law Larry Bresnan

Me with my baby at the Monterey RM auction

Our first commercial boat. Swordfish plank installed

Our new kitchen

English Turkish