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I believe you're looking for me. I’m just a humble 80’s kid, peep my private collection. If I was a writer I’d have a better bio.

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“Only an honest death will cure you now.” ~Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower __________ Fun fact: When you come upon Lady Maria in the tower, you’ll notice the on her blouse. It is implied that she has taken her own life. __________ Check out this great page! @hyspanika __________ borne bornecommunity bornecosplay

Nobody’s taking nothing from me ever again. __________ I wanted to do something to commemorate my platinuming of RDR2. The story was absolutely wonderful and Arthur Morgan became one of my favorite characters. __________ Check out these great pages! @hyspanika @chaos_collector __________ Shoutout! @valravne_ @han_shot_first_90 @igersgamer @msgoldberga __________

~The Necromorph bears a resemblance to the sci-fi/horror series Alien. The creatures in both franchises use human bodies as their means of propagation. The aliens in both seem to come from/be an ancient race who designed the creatures as weapons to destroy entire civilizations.~ • • • • • • • Check out my homegirls page @hyspanika • • • •

~New old pic from when it wasn’t crazy hot outside! I wish they put out a better statue of Aloy, she’s such a dope character!~ • • • Check out my amiga @hyspanika page! • • • •

~ Why didn't you warn them, Burke?~ • • • • This statue continues to give! I love how it covers so many aspects of the Alien lore! 🤩 • • • • Please checkout my friends great page @hyspanika • • •

~You've been in my life so long, I can't remember anything else~ • • • • Can’t say enough good things about this statue, absolute treasure! Going to be doing more this weekend if “life” allows it! What are some of your favorite quotes from the films? • • • • Please checkout my friends great page @hyspanika • • •

God of War • One of the greatest video games of this generation. • Raising Kratos @realcorybarlog • Akiaten does an admirable job at showing the various facets of the game’s development and the hardship involved. • ofwar ofwar4

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