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Bio Press- 👇🏿My Stitcher Premium Podcast👇🏿 Listener Hotline: 984-329-2185


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The last few episodes of my @stitcher_podcast show have been blessed by some of my favorite voices- -@gemynii & I talked about queer femme identity -@ihartericka & I talked shop about being black and working in predominantly white spaces -@themilitantbaker & I talked about the current landscape of body politics Listen to “Jessamyn Explains It All” by clicking the link above OR go to! Yes, it's available only on Stitcher Premium- use the code 'JESSAMYN' for one free month!


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I subconsciously slut shame myself all the time. Especially when I tape my yoga practice and acknowledge the full breadth of my ass in forward folds. I know it scares other people and I've allowed it to scare me, too. After all this time, I'm still my most powerful oppressor. But people have been fetishizing the curvy black body since way before I got here- and it feels like an insult to the legacy of people like Sarah Baartman if I consciously wear these chains. Happy Black History Month, Jessamyn- you’ve still got plenty of work to do.


Yoga is more than a fitness activity to me – in a lot of ways, it’s the foundation of my entire life. The new Gear family fits seamlessly into my life on and off the yoga mat –click the link in my bio to watch the full video! @samsungmobile @samsungmobileusa

Instagram Image by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) with caption : "Setting up for class and clowning around at my local yoga mothership, wearing @target’s #UniversalThread. I teach yoga, " at Durham County, North Carolina - 1715598378068810031

Setting up for class and clowning around at my local yoga mothership, wearing @target.s #UniversalThread. I teach yoga, but I’m a practitioner above all else. I’m not any stronger, better, or more advanced than any other person who joins me on the mat. Just like anyone who may roll out a mat in my classes, I’m balancing a million and one plates at once- and the pursuit of balance is a lifelong journey. As the saying goes, finding balance is a practice, not a perfect. Outfit- #UniversalThread, available only at @target. Photo by @justincookphoto

image by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) with caption : "As I live and breathe in Trump’s America it can be hard to not get pulled into the undertow of douchefuckery but tonight" - 1714258102746667059
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As I live and breathe in Trump’s America it can be hard to not get pulled into the undertow of douchefuckery but tonight’s @blackgirlinom twitter chat made me feel so damn AWAKE. I kinda hate the internet most of the time and tend to think it’s going to be the downfall of us all, but damn if I’m not grateful for these little niches where we can support one another. Here’s to supporting one another and not clawing each other’s eyes out. PS that’s exactly what they want and PS that’s whack as fuck. Throwback to bc I’m still not over it, tbh. Photo by @christianarya

I was stoked when @samsungmobile asked me to try out their new Gear IconX- it’s very hard to find headphones that I can wear while I’m practicing yoga and these cord-free ear buds are the perfect fit for my practice. Music is the unspoken hero of my home yoga practice and I constantly build, save, and download @spotify playlists to my phone so that I can find my flowing rhythm no matter where my teaching practice takes me. The Gear IconX pair seamlessly with the Samsung Gear Fit2Pro fitness band making it easy for me to change my playlist + check my heart rate and vital stats without ever leaving my yoga mat. I took the Gear IconX and Fit2Pro for a spin during my backbend practice the other day and my Gear IconX stayed snug in my ears throughout the whole thing- this video shows ~15 minutes of backbending sped up 3x with all the trimmings of my every day practice- spinal twists, deep breathing, & a juicy legs up the wall inversion at the end. Watch the whole video on my YouTube- link is above! Music is Jack Elphick “Head Nod Supreme 3”