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Properly designed and tested. Home of the Gatcaddy.

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Rifle Magcaddys are flying out the door.

Updated Gatcaddy with DCC mod 4 clips. Hope to have the website updated soon.

Backside detail shot of the updated G19 Gatcaddy design.

Magcaddy in the wild, pairs nicely with a @tarantactical plus 5 as pictured🔥 Thanks for the tag @ninexnineteen 👍😎

J-Frame Sidekick with DCC mod 4 clip going out.

Guys get on this, 115.00 for a clinch and a trainer is a great deal. These are blems, but they will be anyway if you use them.

Hopefully my grillin gun doesn’t get me kilt in da skreetz. Single @discreetcarryconcepts clip makes for a convenient and secure carry with this @smithwessoncorp 442

It’s the time of year I start getting a lot of questions about carrying a gun without a belt. Choose a secure attachment method. I’m a huge fan of the @discreetcarryconcepts clip. They are incredibly secure and low profile. Try to pick the right gun, if you have the choice of something on the lightweight end of the spectrum it deserves consideration. Light weight pants do not support the weight of a heavy gun well. Good on you for trying to be armed as often as possible👌👍

This still my favorite Rig when a belt is not an option. Light weight @smithwessoncorp and a super secure @discreetcarryconcepts mod 4 clip equals 👌

You Glock 43 types would not believe how much more comfortable this length of holster is.

Updated Gatcaddys for the 19,17 and 34 are about to hit the website. You guys are going to love them.

Single stack Glock Gatcaddy going out. Works with the and AIWB

Glock 19/TLR7 Jawbone going out to a new home!

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