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Pretty pictures of guns and political commentary. 🚫NO SOLICITATIONS 🚫NO SALES OF FIREARMS 🚫NO PROMOTION OF USE Just lots of pretty pictures.

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Wayne is dragging the @nationalrifleassociation into a death spiral. He scrambling to secure his power base. Please share! Make it trend! @iraqveteran8888_official @theyankeemarshal @drewhopkins @9mmsmg @lucastrexarms @hankstrange @gunwebsites

Chris Cox is out, NRATV is shut down and Wayne LaPierre is scrambling to save his outrageous salary even if it means the complete demise of the @nationalrifleassociation or so it seems. Wayne is dedicated to riding that ship to the very bottom. Now is the time to make our voices heard even louder. WAYNE MUST GO! We, the members, started this and now it’s time to finish it.

@marines ・・・ Happy Birthday, Chesty, wherever you are.

Historic Arnolds Park

Firearms are forever intertwined with American history and culture. This old @coltfirearms 1860 has a story or two to tell. 🇺🇸

After several range sessions and different configurations, well... it’s a Sig that’s doing Sig things. Video to drop soon.😐

Check this out! @coppercustom ・・・ ❗️❗️PE-90s are now available on the website❗️❗️ this is a very mall batch of firearms, we are hoping but not guaranteed to receive more in the future if you don’t happen to get one this time

I finally got one from @kenziesopticsinc, its my first time ordering from them. The new @trijicon SRO! A healthy dose of honesty coming your way soon! 😂🤟🇺🇸

The view through the @usoptics_official B10 scope on my @americandefensemfg 6.5 Grendel exclusively available at @coppercustom. We had them made for Copper because of our love for the caliber.

Young's Longshot

Today at the office. We have the @coppercustom crew out with us. 👍

Wow. Just wow. I’m speechless. The rabbit hole gets deeper and is straying off into wild directions.

Young's Longshot

I’m shooting the @desert_tech MDR in .308 at the long range with a @primaryarms Platinum series ACSS reticle today. The through the scope footage is from my @tactacam 5.0. I’m shooting at 500 yards at 8x magnification using @federalpremium 168gr GMM. The silencer is a @oss_suppressors. My early MDR has served me well in the field hunting everything from Nilgai to coyotes. The guys at DT recently talked me into sending it in for the updates, which I reluctantly did because mine never had issues. When something works, “fixing it” worries me. 😀Now I’m getting it all setup again for hunting. The only thing I would change would be to have it in 6.5 Creedmoor. Someday... while I wouldn’t consider the MDR a “go to war” rifle, I’ve had it in the field for days on end without issue. Now with the updates we will see how she does on upcoming hunts. It’s small, handy and packs a punch which is what drew me to it initially. The @garand_thumb video crushed my soul a little bit. But, like I said, this is the one gun I’ve not managed to break. 😂 What do you guys think of the scope footage? This will be awesome on hunts! @coppercustom

This is some seriously draconian going down July 1 in Washington State. This type of anti-2A cancer spreads once it takes root. Google it. You’ll be disgusted. Help fight it. Meanwhile we continue our fight in the federal courts against the bump stock ban that will be used by Trump or future Presidents to ban silencers, 30 round mags, etc. Our case is being lead by the @gunownersofamerica. We must fight on all fronts. Freedom is dying State by State, rule change by rule change (at the ATF). I’m always asked “what can I do?” Donate. Spread the word. Fight. @iraqveteran8888_official @theyankeemarshal

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