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Nadia Nazar

& Environmentalist 💙 she/her Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, and Art Director of @thisiszerohour Art -->

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Baltimore County, Maryland

I'm super late but I was honored to be alongside so many other youth climate activists in @i_d 's magazine about youth striking for climate action all around the world. Amazing photographs by @daveyadesida !!

Sandy Point Beach

When you work everyday for a cause, it's easy to forget what you're fighting for. It's nice to have days like this surrounded by other kids that share a passion. It's always uplifting to be in settings like this, especially with nature and friends around :) Also, please don't throw your trash out the window when you're in a car. The trash attracts mice on the road and owls go for the mice on the road. This is how owls get hit by cars. Screech owl in no.3 got hit and lost an eye.

Washington, DC

On May 24th, so many youth striked all over the world! In DC we started off at the White House then marched to the Supreme Court and had a die in. The energy was insane! We gotta take this energy into organizing and solutions now. We need everyone in this fight. We will persevere and fight through the climate crisis. We don't want to die banner - PC: @leighvogel @connect4climate @storebay

Supreme Court of the United States

You'll die of old age, we'll die of climate change

Baltimore, Maryland

The Kids Are Alright :) Super proud to be included in this issue by Baltimore Magazine

Washington, District of Columbia

Heyo! @thisiszerohour is announcing something huge this saturday sooo stay tuned ☀️

Cancún, Quintana Roo

Dear Earth, Stay strong, we will get through this climate crisis together. Thank you for sustaining life for so long. I'm so sorry we did this to you. Love, Nadia 💙

Baltimore County, Maryland

6,205 blossoming days on this planet🌸

United States Capitol

It was so moving to see students together, chanting, bobbing their signs, as they walked in spirit, united, to the strike yesterday. I never would have imagined organizing a rally for the planet and gen z in the middle of the school year, especially with these amazing powerhouse organizers and activists! The energy in this space, the space we created together, is surreal. Great job to everyone who organized! And thank you to everyone who came!!✊🏽💙 3.15.2019

Capital Hill, Washington, DC

Wear green in solidarity on friday 💚 whether you are in school or striking, spread the word please Graphic by

Baltimore, Maryland

The Sisterhood. Thankful for all the women in this world and in our lives. 💗


I strike for the trees. I strike for the water. I strike for the air. I strike for the animals. I strike for the people. I strike for justice. I strike for my generation. I strike for my own life. Strike with me on March 15 @usclimatestrike

Longworth House Office Building

After testifying, @storebay and I lobbied to some of the newly elected congresspeople. We delivered @thisiszerohour Dear Elected Officials document from the platform. We ran into @repmikelevin and @repilhan and saw @ocasio2018 's wall of post its, and added a post it :)

Longworth House Office Building

Your voice is so powerful. Please don't take it for granted. Use it wisely for change. Those who listen to you will hear you, and be impacted by what you have to say. Please, use your voice. We need you.

Longworth House Office Building

Last week I represented my generation at a historic congressional hearing about climate change. Thank you @repraulgrijalva and @nrdems for giving me this platform and making sure the youth voice was represented. I spoke beside powerful climate activists, Rev Yearwood and Ms. Yeampierre. It was an honor to represent @thisiszerohour and youth everywhere who will inherit this world, with the destruction that climate change has already brought us.

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