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Meg Squats

Bio πŸ‘― COACH @strongstrongfriends πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Equipment & Apparel @strongstrongsupply πŸ’™ Team @bodybuildingcom πŸŽ₯ YouTube: megsquats πŸ’ͺ🏼 RPSTRENGTH


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image by Meg Squats (@megsquats) with caption : "It’s lil 63.05kg Meg, 3 hours out from weigh in at Nationals in October. Typing this at 155lbs, and finally winding down" - 1761353044097817884
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It’s lil 63.05kg Meg, 3 hours out from weigh in at Nationals in October. Typing this at 155lbs, and finally winding down my bulk life 😭😭😭 taking it verrrry slow and easy on my cut with @rpstrength over the next few months. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to compete as a 72 or 63, but ready to reel things in for a few weeks. Got up to 157lbs and was having a hard time keeping down the food to stay up there. Excited to see what happens! Of course, if you want to try an @rpstrength template, it comes included in the Be More package, or you can use my code for $10 OFF (MEG10) at check out - link in bio!

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Just finished my last week of My Uplifted Program with @bodybuildingcom (we’re still finishing editing and wrapping up the videos for the program, so I’ll provide a date for it soon). Anyway, I cannot wait till I’m in California and training regularly. My heart needs a home, been vagabonding too much. πŸ₯€ almost there πŸ’”

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145lbs touch n go for 9 reps chall. Been having a great weekend with friends in town. Back to work tomorrow, getting ready for our big program sale on @strongstrongfriends. We’ve been out of stock on programs for the past few months, and we are BRINGIN IT BACK BABY! 12 week programs, Be More (1-on-1 coaching), and an 80 page Training manual (with videos) will be available next MONDAY (April 23rd). I can’t wait to share it with all with you guys! If you want in, sign up for my email list and you’ll get free guides and discount codes for the sale ❀️❀️❀️ (link in bio)

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ONE STRONG BITCH RESTOCK COMING ON MONDAY! 9AM PST only on Check out our page @strongstrongsupply for more info and updates. Don’t miss out on this one! PLEASE NOTE: the fit is loose and flowy for these. I’m wearing a Medium here, so size down if you’d like! Stickers, Iron is the Blackest Metal and Math is Fun are all restocked on Monday too. Tag me in your OSB pictures! Love you guys. Photographer: @aceshotya Model: @fresafuerte

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115kg/253lbs for 8. I’m really confident that I have 10 in me, but I cranked down on my belt way too tight and it was a MISTAKE. I do think 253 x 8 is v close to an all time PR, if not one. Thank you @ryan_espiritu for the expert spot skills.

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First of all, I want to thank everyone for contributing your stories, opinions, and frustrations with photo retouching and FaceTune. Plenty of you from my Instagram Story the other day had no idea what FaceTune was, so I wanted to create a before and after to show what can be done with a cheap app on your phone. This is the exact reason why I have β€˜no photo retouching’ clauses in my contracts, and refuse to let any of you see my body altered. You don’t deserve to think I have perfect, poreless, wrinkleless skin. You don’t deserve to think I exist without flaws. To make it seem like I did would be a disservice to us both. Ultimately, I understand why shopping a blemish off your skin is acceptable, but I mean, fuck it man. Everyone I know can relate to blemishes. No one reading this can relate to being perfect, so what’s the fucking point? Ok. Before I get too carried away. I posted a YouTube video going more in depth about how I feel, and why I don’t retouch and how I think it’s helped me grow as an influencer. My thoughts can be confusing and hypocritical on the topic, but I think talking about the refusal of being perfect is something we should all do. So what do you think? Is it fair for influencers to shop ourselves perfect and ask you to use our discount codes? Let me know what you think, and check out the video (link in bio)

Whistler, Canada Report Download 107 8.64K

The secret is equal parts swoll & sass. Working on my last week of UPLIFTED and I’ve got a light day to keep it moving before a few days of AMRAP tests. Here’s the workout if you want to try it: 1️⃣ 3x3 light squat 2️⃣ 3x5 DB Bench 3️⃣ Superset: Tricep PushDown, bicep curls, cable lateral raise, band pull aparts. I’m excited to see what we do this week for my retest. 🀞 Hope you guys are having an awesome week. I’ll be posting more of my workouts in detail if you want, esp because I don’t do it on YouTube as much. Let me know! πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’•

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Deadlifts feel soooo harddddd. 308lbs/140kgs for 4x3 after a top v v v hard set of 3 @ 342lbs/155kg. Ok, keep it movin ❀️

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Challenge from @amandaruller Hang. Take shirt off. Put it back on. Don’t drop... Can you do it? Challenging my @bodybuildingcom teammates: @leanna_carr @kbaymiller @chuckiewelch Pink liquid chalk from @strongstrongsupply

image by Meg Squats (@megsquats) with caption : "Happy Saturday πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Knee wraps from @strongstrongsupply (there are only a few pairs left of the black, we’re swapping out" - 1752501040105728514
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Happy Saturday πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Knee wraps from @strongstrongsupply (there are only a few pairs left of the black, we’re swapping out for new colors in the next few weeks, and OSB restock is coming soon!)

image by Meg Squats (@megsquats) with caption : "Happy Birthday @bodybuildingcom ! 19 years of supps and supporting athletes! To celebrate @bodybuildingcom is releasing " - 1751129595920364876
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Happy Birthday @bodybuildingcom ! 19 years of supps and supporting athletes! To celebrate @bodybuildingcom is releasing their newest Whey Flavor: Birthday Cake 🍰 and giving everyone 20% off. Check out the link in my bio to snag. 🍰

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Recreated some of my favorite Instagram photos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not quite Bora Bora, but I tried. Check out the behind the scenes in my new video (link in bio)